Problem printing from Chromebooks at school


The schools in the district have always offered tax preparation help for low income families. People volunteer to prepare the taxes and then they print them off and mail it for the families. During the last hardware refresh, a few of the elementary schools got rid of the Windows computer labs. The teachers and staff all have Windows laptops still though. They canceled it this year with the reason that they can’t print off the returns since they can’t print off the Chromebooks.

I understand that the printers they have maybe older, but I thought there was a way to print from a Chromebook that was on the same network as a printer attached to a Windows computer? I’ve done this with a Chromebook before, but I think I had to be signed into Chrome on both devices for it to work? I can see why that would be a problem here but still seems like there should be a way for this to work. 

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