What do you think of the new Gmail interface?


It’s …………………… not horrible!

Haha, seriously, I think it’s a nice makeover. Took a couple days to get used to it, but I think it’s a change for the better.

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  1. hrlngrv

    With implicit sarcasm, if only it were possible to have different UIs for phones and desktop PCs.

    Maybe the new Gmail is OK on phones, but definitely not on PCs when I'm using a mouse and a physical keyboard. The new UI isn't compact enough for me.

    • johnlavey

      In reply to hrlngrv:
      Are you aware that there is a setting for display density in the new Google mail interface?

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to johnlavey:

        On a 1600x1200 monitor, in the same browser, the old UI shows 36.5 items on the right in compact mode, while the new UI shows 34 items in compact mode. On the left in the navigation tree (?), the old UI shows the number of unread items closer to item label, e.g., foo (7), while the new UI shows the number of unread items not in bold and right aligned in its area, e.g., foo      7. I'll grant these aren't major differences, but I find the old UI easier to read. I'm not saying everyone should share my assessment, but for me the new UI is worse, eye wash for the sake of eye wash.

  2. lecter

    Been using Google Inbox ever since it came out, even for work, very happy with it to ever go back to regular Gmail.

  3. wright_is

    I use the Mail app in Windows... So, no difference.

  4. maethorechannen

    Just changed over and I think it's a fugly mess. I'm honestly think of moving away from it.

  5. dcdevito

    I use Inbox, not going back

  6. ErichK

    To be honest I didn't know what Inbox was until recently. I launched it just now and looked things over ... I think I like it, but again it's going to take a little getting used to.