Google’s Pixel/Android quality is somehow even worse than Windows’


I’m beyond happy with my iPhone 8 but I like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Android world, and what’s happening with the Pixel 3 right now is a disaster, much worse than anything that’s happened to the iPhone, which is saying something. Microsoft messed up bad with the Surface Pro 4/Surface Book 1 too, but I’d argue that what’s going on with the Pixel 3 right now is far worse. I honestly think Google did not test this phone, certainly not up to production quality standards. They just shipped it, it’s like a beta phone. Pixel 3 customers are guinea pig testers.

Android Police has a Pixel 3 issue tracker page and they’re struggling to keep it up to date, because it seems every other day there is a new issue. Overall, this makes me sad because the iPhone effectively has a monopoly in the smartphone market 🙁 If the Pixel line was up to the quality of the iPhone, that would be good for everyone, including iPhone users. The Pixel cameras have already pushed the industry forward but I’m not sure the Pixel brands reputation will recover. Google needs to put out a statement or a blog post apologizing to its customers for the laundry list of issues and promise they’re going to get their act together (and actually do it, unlike the Windows team)

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