Outlook.com Premium ….. Getting away WITH my custom domain



So I signed up with outlook premium, found a custom domain I liked, connected it to outlook (the program) and sent an email to everyone about my new address.

What a terrible mistake.

Where do I start. I cant make outlook (the program) default to send out of my custom domain.

Contacts issues, calendar issues and all sorts of other little problems.

I have completely given up trying to fix them.

I just want to leave quietly and take my domain with me.

The outlook.com premium interface offers 0 ability to manage the domain. Nothing. So i have no way to transfer it, manage dns, mx records, forward it, etc.

So I call/chat 50 times with outlook.com premium support. They don’t seem to realize they even have custom domains and the tech people are thrown off when I try to explain it to them. So, I’m not really trusting anything they tell me after that.

I decided to sign up for a Hosted Exchange (business class with much better support) account to transfer my account to. Also thought, they might have resources to help me.

Tech support is WAY better, they under stand me and want to help me, but nope.

Nope. They are as stumped as me and have no internal numbers to call to make it happen.

Best answer i get from outlook.com people is to just cancel my account. I can export PST so data is not the issue. Its my custom domain. i don’t want to lose that, i want it to make a clean transfer to my new hosted exchange.

Whois says the domain is registered with “Wild West Domains, LLC” (which Microsoft must be using to setup these custom domains). So I call them. GoDaddy picks up the phone. Little googling says that Godaddy aquired them years ago. GoDaddy does not seem to realize that 🙂 but anyways, I filled out forms, sent in drivers license, told them I could read them any code they wanted to send to my email address at my custom domain to verify i was the owner – nope. They cant help.

So here I am, stuck. One hand does not talk to the other at Microsoft. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.


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