Over 8 hours of Office 365 outage and no mention on this site?


I respect your reporting of most things Microsoft related but I am disappointed that there is no mention (what I can find, the new site is a bit more complex to navigate) of the over 8 hour Office 365 outage yesterday. I worked at a customer site and with the Azure AD down it was a complete stand-still for their entire business affecting 45 users. The amount of users in Asia and Europe must have been counted in the 100 millions. The outage was even a top-story in Swedish Public Service throughout the morning and in the business press, together with the results reported by Microsoft.

My work integrating an in-house system with Azure AD was delayed until the afternoon, hours that I could spend working on another client’s projects but nevertheless frustrating as I have to find time to get back to do the work I was supposed to do.

Thank you for listening,



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