Surface Go 2 could take over the world


We’ve had the 8 GB Surface Go in the family for a couple of weeks now and I really think the next version could dominate. It’s small and light enough that you can actually use it as a tablet (the Surface Pro is too big and heavy to use as a tablet). It’ll probably have that new chip Qualcomm announced last week, which will probably double the battery life while also improving performance. I’m sure it will have a larger screen and thinner bezels (just like they did going from Pro 3 to Pro 4). That’s pretty much it, the Surface Go is close to perfection for what it is, with a few improvements it could completely dominate, they’ve got the recipe right, just a few tweaks are needed. I could see the Surface Go 2 selling better than the Surface Pro, it’s an amazing device, I think more compelling than the Pro (and not just because of the price)

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