Can’t Get Latest Insider Build


I decided to start testing 19H1 to get a feel for it prior to release.

I ended up having to download the 18290 ISO and manually update.

I still show in the Fast ring, but it is never trying to download 18334. Is there a way to force this download. It looks like I am two released builds behind.

I am on Active Development/Fast Ring.


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  1. TheJoeFin

    Even if you can see the fast ring it might not install. I've been having issues with the install freezing at 48%

    • Dan1986ist

      In reply to TheJoeFin:

      This 48% point: is it during Installing inside Windows Update before restarting and Configuring Updates for Windows 10, or during the portion where Windows is updated and either boots into the desktop or OOBE in case of a Windows Insider build or feature update?

      • TheJoeFin

        In reply to Dan1986ist:

        It is during the final install phase (solid color screen, spinning dots, and "Configuring Updates Do Not Turn Off You PC") when it hits 48% the dots stop spinning and it just sits there. I've left it for hours and it never does anything else. I have to hold down the power button and goes through a recovery then boots up normally.

        I've tried updating my BIOS and all my drivers (maybe had to do with a Spectre/Meltdown thing) but so far no fix. I've tried the last 4 or 5 insider fast builds with no success.

  2. lordbaal1

    I tried installing this update, after for like to weeks telling me to restart and install update.

    So I finally installed it, left the computer to do something else. Came back like an hour later, it was a black screen. Another hour later, still black.

    I turned it off, turned it back on, black screen.

    i tried to reset it with keeping my files, it said I didn’t have an account.

    Booted in safe mode to try to roll back the update. Got in safe mode, but window update screen wouldn’t load.

    So I just reset it to to the beginning and did a fresh install.

    i just stay off the preview and keep the RTM.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to lordbaal1:

      He He. RTM's aren't that much better by all accounts. Successfully patching and updating Windows 10 is a lottery. Even if the PC does come back up when it feels like it, expect something to be broken or not work as it did before, and all your settings reset back to MS defaults. Good luck.