Edge is getting more and more disgusting

While I dislike the enshittification path Edge is taking, I’ve put up with it because all the new crap can be easily disabled… until today.

I just updated to the new build, and the Bing discover icon monstrosity is now staring at me for the rest of eternity (I’d love to upload an image to show it, but I can’t). This online image highlights it: https://winaero.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/edge-disable-bing-discover-05.png.

It’s not possible to disable it, and hovering over it opens the useless sidebar. They could not even have the decency to make it click only.

This feature went through three channels, with users in each complaining about not being able to disable it (I saw the comments after researching how to disable it), and yet they still pushed it to release.

More and more I’m convinced that Microsoft has nothing but disdain for its customers.

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