Feedback on article "Microsoft Teams Is Down and Users Aren’t Happy"


FYI – I couldn’t post on the article’s web page,, kept on getting error messages in Edge and Chrome, so I’m posting it here, because I believe this feedback can inform the reporting on the site and help someone that currently isn’t very familiar with Office 365.

Hello Mehedi,

I agree that there is a valid argument for a more transparent publically available status page that shows both possible outages on any tenants and known ones on all of them.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft web page you have in the article,, isn’t supposed to do that by design, per

“You can view the health of Office 365, Yammer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Intune cloud services on the Office 365 Service health page in the admin center. If you are experiencing problems with a cloud service, you can check the service health to determine whether this is a known issue with a resolution in progress before you call support or spend time troubleshooting.

If you are unable to sign in to the service portal, you can use the service status page to check for known issues preventing you from logging into your tenant.”

Since the people know Microsoft people, feel free to recommend they change how they communicate, but know that the product documentation is saying it is technically “Working as designed”.

I recommend to folks that they either (best option 1st):

  1. bookmark at their own Tenant’s service health status via: or go to and click the link “View your Microsoft 365 Service health.” to sign into your tenant.
  2. Use the mobile O365 admin app (great for monitoring while on the go)
  3. Use the twitter page, for monitoring overall service status (I’m not sure if that covers issues happening on specific tenants or not).

So for example, first thing this morning Teams did not work for me. I immediately checked the service health status page in the admin portal and found it was a known issue. I then notified the other Office 365 folks that I work with about it, then monitored the status of the portal until it was resolved.

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