Microsoft doesn’t like Windows anymore


The more I think about Windows the more I get the feeling that Microsoft doesn’t like Windows anymore. I have to wonder why because the only things that are wrong with Windows are things they easily could change. How can Microsoft take something that is so good and make it so bad with ads, bloatware, telemetry, forced updates/upgrades and a crazy release model (aka WaaS)? I don’t get it. This affects the family members of people working at Microsoft too. There must be a hidden agenda… Kill Windows and move people to the cloud. One problem; Microsoft doesn’t have a mainstream CloudWindows solution yet…

One reason Chrome OS is still alive is that Microsoft made Windows 10 painful for normal people. Microsoft should be proud of Windows because it generates money. I doubt Chrome OS generates money, only in an indirect way through services. Why degrade the Windows user experience when it’s a paid product that is profitable? Are those people responsible for the Windows 10 user experience complete morons costing Microsoft billions of dollars per year? Maybe this is how Microsoft fights piracy???

What is the price of losing 500 million users – short term and long term related to revenue and software ecosystem? Why does Microsoft want to kill Windows? There must be a greater plan, but what?

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