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I’m trying to import all my email from Gmail into Outlook.com, and I no longer see an option for ‘Connected accounts’ in the Sync email portion of Settings. This is on consumer Outlook.com.

Did Microsoft remove this option recently? I wanted to give Outlook.com another go as my email provider. But if that option is gone, so is my desire to do this.

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  1. north of 49th

    Not that this is the most elegant way to move e-mails between G-mail and Outlook.com accounts, but if you set both up in Outlook Desktop application, you can copy/paste e-mails between the two.

  2. manzo

    I still have that option, but I am paying for Office 365 (got the family/home pack, or whatever it's currently called), so maybe it's not available for free accounts now?

    • yoshi

      Hmm that may be it. My M365 subscription ended recently. I plan on signing up again soon and I'll have to see if that does the trick. Still, kinda lousy they may have paywalled that feature. It was available on the free tier in the past.

      • Sprtfan

        I have the feature still but I'm also have a subscription to M365 family.

        • yoshi

          I renewed M365 and waited a bit and checked, and I still do not have the Connected Accounts option. Bummer. Odd how it is just completely gone for me now.

  3. yoshi

    Response from MS support, in case anyone was interested:

    We are aware that some customers may not be able to access their Connected Account settings.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    And that's all. No information about when it might return. Great communication as always.

  4. yoshi

    More from MS Support:

    I would like to inform you that feature of connected account in Outlook.com is not available anymore. The Microsoft has removed the ability to connect new accounts to Outlook.com from May 10, 2021.Accounts that were connected before May 10, 2021, will continue to sync as usual.

    So there we have it. It's not an option anymore unless you had it set up before May.