Can’t find the update to 1809 now


Earlier this week I updated my Surface 3 to 1809 thru the regular windows update tool. No problems except it was really slow to upgrade, which was expected. Today I wanted to start updating my laptop and windows update can’t find the 1809 update. Also the Update Assistant is only updating to 1803 and says I’m up to date.

Has 1809 been pulled or am I missing something?

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  1. dcdevito

    It's been pulled

    • marbo100

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Yeah, I see the articles now. When I went to sleep last night there was nothing anywhere I could find to explain what happened.

      However, from what I have found I should be fine as I don't use Edge and I don't use the standard Windows locations on my system to save files locally. I found the 1809 iso file and updated using that with no issue.

      • Dan1986ist

        In reply to marbo100:

        It could be an issue in the step during the Offline phase of the upgrade to 1809 where User content is migrated over from the existing 1803 install, but gets deleted instead. Normally, the user files should migrate over just like the OS files and installed programs. This may turn out to be the issue or it may not.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    Always download the ISO with the upgrade tool, open the ISO, and run setup.exe to upgrade. Then you have the ISO for all your other machines and only have to download it once

  3. epguy40

    the 1809 release may soon be re-offered either by Halloween or after it as a new 1809 build [version 17763.107] was recently released just for Windows Insiders

    though it is best to stay with the 1803 release before upgrading to 1809 when that one gets re-released on windows update

  4. jmwoods301 has the ISO available for download, but includes the warning that Microsoft has pulled it.

    You assume all the risks of using it.

  5. epguy40

    the 1809 ISO downloads have been re-released today and you should receive the revised ones with build 17763.107 instead of 17763.1.

    if you are receiving the 1809 upgrade thru Windows Update, it may deliver either build 17763.107 or build 17763.134 (with KB4467708 security update)

  6. adamjarvis

    First Problems with the latest Windows 10 1809v2, released today 13/11.

    Wouldn't recommend installing this update just yet.

    Noticing very sluggish performance on certain processors, especially noticeable on older desktop Core 2 Duo processors, due to restricted underclocked clock speeds, compared to 1803.

    Specifically, performance problems with older Core 2 Duo CPUs, where clock speeds are normally above 2.5Ghz, seem to be restricted to clock speeds of modern core mobile processors i.e. in the range 1.3GHz-1.5Ghz,

    A fix seems to be to go to Power Settings in the old Control Panel, search Power, under Balanced Power options,click Change Plan Settings, click 'Advanced Plan Settings' and then click 'Reset Plan Defaults'. Clock speeds seem to go back to the processor's maximum.

    Might have being a glitch, but Windows Security wouldn't let me download latest legitimate Windows 7 Version of Flash Active X using Windows 10 from

    In fairness, it's probably doing something correctly by refusing to download Flash from Adobe!

    Windows 10 doesn't seem to like downloading specific Active X version for Windows 7 (of the three versions Active X and PP/NN used by Win10, in Windows 10).

    It's not that we use this version under Windows 10, but I often download it while in Windows 10, to use in Windows 7, just odd that Windows 10 doesn't seem to want to let me download the Windows 7 Active X Version, just download it, not install it.