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When I use the address bar in Edge to search, it brings up a yahoo page???

I have set to Google in the settings (edge://settings/search) but same thing happens – yahoo results.

what obvious thing am I overlooking?

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  1. coltigore

    I remember a few years ago some Malware I installed on my PC kept changing the search engine to either Yahoo or some weird Malware engine. I would try performing a virus scan with Malwarebytes or Windows Defender. Then try removing your extensions one by one to see if you installed one that's screwing up your search engine.

  2. jamie_webster

    Yeah sounds like malware malware bytes is your friend. Free too

  3. dftf

    First of all, in Edge to go ||Menu (...) > Settings > Privacy, search and services > Address bar and search > Manage search engines ||. The one in bold text is your default. Check that the URL associated with it does indeed do a Google search; otherwise use the ... option to edit it. (To delete an entry, you must first make another provide your default).

    If that looks fine, then next go to ||Menu (...) > Apps > Manage apps|| and see if there is anything unusual there.

    Then also try ||Menu (...) > Extensions|| and review items on that screen too.

    Failing that, bring up an "InPrivate" window and see if your search gets hijacked in that window -- if so, it's likely to be malware, so try a Malwarebytes scan, and the Microsoft AutoRuns tool to look for unusual entries. If search works fine during InPrivate, you've likely got some GPO configured.