why wouldn’t they open source EdgeHTML?


Microsoft is moving more and more towards open source, but why wouldn’t they open source EdgeHTML?

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  1. Bats

    What for? No one likes it. LOL...who wants to take on that? It's a certified failed engine that even Microsoft abandoned.

  2. jimchamplin

    1) They're lazy

    2) It sucks

    3) Both

    4) !?

    5) It's secretly developed by Klingons and sharing the source would show proof of alien life to the entire world

    6) You!

    All of these are equally likely except one.

  3. SherlockHolmes

    Because nobody uses Edge and want to develope for it?

  4. F4IL

    Not sure if i remember correctly but msft will not be completely retiring EdgeHTML. It will continue as an integral part of windows since it is a dependency for UWP. So, yeah, much like the rest of the system, EdgeHTML will remain closed source.

  5. Lauren Glenn

    I assume because they're abandoning it and don't want fragmentation where people don't upgrade because there's no more EdgeHTML. I don't mind Edge too much but I know with work, I can't use it for most things because many companies don't have the programs working well with Edge. My company tests for Edge and makes sure it works accordingly, but having one less browser in the field saves us some development time....

  6. ggolcher

    I assume it's risk vs reward.

    Preparing code for open sourcing is not trivial, it takes time and effort, which means it has a cost.

    The demand is low enough that they probably decided that the cost outweighs the benefits.