Will Windows 10 ever get native caldav / carddav support?


I use FastMail for email, calendars, and contacts. Windows 10 not having native caldav / carddav support is really the only thing keeping me from switching from Mac OS to Windows 10 full-time.

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    When you say native do you mean for accounts other than Google Mail which does have support for carddav & caldav in Windows 10 mail?

  2. 5027

    unfortunately, I think not. I have been asking for this for years, at least for Outlook to support it, but nope .. nothing has happened.  Really annoying actually. 

  3. 5476

    I can't believe Microsoft added carddav/caldav support for Google and iCloud accounts, but did not add it to the options when manually setting up a server.  More and more services are using it such as OwnCloud, Fastmail, etc....

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