Windows 10 1909 Local account


Looks like Microsoft changed the setup process when doing fresh install. You get a screen that encourages a Microsoft account. Where there used to be a local access button; now there is only the ability to enter existing credentials or create new ones.

Fortunately, if your off network it throws an error and allows you to create a local account.

Is this because I was installing Home? rather than Pro?

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  1. Dan1986ist

    I think it is tied into whether a network is detected or not, regardless of which SKU of Windows 10 is being installed.

  2. karlinhigh

    As others noted, disconnect network at the account creation step.

    BUT THEN, watch what sometimes happens later after a Windows logon with Internet available. It goes "Oh, hey! We're online now! SURELY you want to switch your login to a Microsoft account!" And then it brings back an OOBE-like interface with no obvious exit options. It can take a CTRL+ALT+DEL and some study of Windows Task Manager to figure out which process to kill for getting rid of it. I seem to remember a Paul article on this somewhere, but not locating it just now.

  3. frostywinnipeg

    At the Sign in with your Microsoft / Skype account or phone number screen enter 555-555-5555, you get Offline Account option on next screen.

    Paul, I want a shout out on WW if you use this ;)

  4. waethorn

    If you install Pro, a "local" account works the same way. The only difference is that before that screen, you can choose to connect to a domain or Azure AD account.

    I would just recommend not having an active network connection during OOBE. Set up a local user account first, without a password, so that your user folder isn't some shortened, hard-to-read version of your MS Account email address. You can add a password or connect to an MS Account later.

  5. anoldamigauser

    Best practice, from a security standpoint, is not to use an administrative account on a daily basis; least privilege. So what does Microsoft do? Make is so that the least savvy customers have to create or use an MSA to set up the computer, defaulting it to the administrative role. The OOBE violates their own best practice. Maybe they can enhance it further so that Cortana blurts out "You just chose 'password123' for your password. Is that correct?" at full volume.

  6. Belralph

    To get to the local account setup you have to select "for an organization", then at the next screen at the bottom left select 'Join a Domain instead'. Then you will be prompted to make a local account. This is with the computer connected or off the internet.

  7. jrswarr

    If they just would provide a way to name the computer during setup - using the MS account would be no big deal to me.

  8. BruceR

    Only Home:

    Update: It looks like only 'Home' editions of the OS are affected by this change, e.g. Windows 10 Home and Home SL won't include the offline account option.

    Install Windows 10 Version 1909 With Local Account