Windows 11 22H2 fresh installation experience on Surface Pro 8


Hello there 🙂

Windows 11 22H2 came out and I decided to do a fresh install on my Surface Pro 8 (i5/16GB model). Downloaded the Media Creation Tool app, prepared the usb-key, went into the uefi and changed the boot order. The PC booted straight to the installer and… no touch, no keyboard or mouse support from the official Surface keyboard with slim pen. The backlight was on, but no input was registered.

Sooo… where have I gone wrong?

I was able to complete the installation by plugging a usb-c to a dongle and a wireless mouse – that worked fine. The funny part was after the reboot, when I needed to type something into a text field, I had to unplug the mouse dongle and plug the keyboard dongle in and back again. Once I was connected to the Internet, the correct drivers where downloaded, and everything went back to normal.