Windows 11 22H2 update reporting drive reliability issue


So, I upgraded my Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio to W11 22H2 yesterday and got hit with a bunch of notifications that my drive was degraded. in looking around the source of the notification in the Storage Drive Health section in settings.

As you can see my drive by the numbers is in perfect health but yet there is a warning and event log entry and a notification post that my drive is degraded. checking WMIC it thinks my drive is OK.

Looks to be a bug but just checking to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. I am going to open a support case with Microsoft as my laptop is still under warranty till Oct. just in case.


Opened case they got no clue support guy was pretty good and asked for a bit of data from SMART Kudos to him. provided his analysis was bug in either firmware or windows 11 22h2 since the rest of the drive info was perfect. They left the case open and escalated. Will update as I get more info back.