Windows 7 BSOD problem solved?


I am one of the .78 % of active users still running Vista. It came with my aged HP desktop, which still runs quite well, so why upgrade? As my first PC experience was with the very first IBM PC, with dual floppy disks, I know what slow really means.

However as Vista will soon stop getting updates, I installed Windows 7 in a dual-boot configuration, so I could migrate from Vista to W7 at my leisure. Many things are better, a few worse.

One problem I have is that W7 actually goes to sleep after an hour or so of not being used, which Vista does not (perhaps my Vista setup is wrongly configured?).

For the first several weeks of use, I got a BSOD when waking up W7 about once a week. WinDbg gave various reasons, usually blaming it on a driver, but never the same one.

By accident, however, I noticed that after triggering a wakeup with the shift key, if I wait until the system is completely “awake” – i.e. when my Yahoo clock widget (yes I know) jumps to the correct time, then the BSOD crashes no longer occur.

Has anyone else noticed similar behaviour or am I also the last to run W7?

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