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  1. xapache

    My SurfaceBook gen 1 when unplugged will sometimes appear to freeze. The screen will start to oversaturate and is completely unresponsive, as far as I can tell. After several seconds the screen will revert to normal and all the tapping, page up/down, mouse moves, etc. that I did while it was "frozen" will reveal that only the screen was froze and not the machine.

    Ever hear of that? I was hoping this little thing would go away after the latest update but it did not. As a side note, it seems this happens more frequently when I'm in an area that has lower light that does not change. Which makes me believe it is the ambient light sensor causing this?

  2. martinusv2

    1- Do you know if Microsoft have plans for the "Surface All Access" be offered outside US?

    2- I had to clean up some Environment Variables and had to find my way from Settings to the old Control Panel / System setting dialog. That go me thinking "How long it gonna take Microsoft to completely convert the old control panel to the new format". Do you know why it's taking Microsoft that much time to do this?

  3. rlbaker

    What is the state of PWA auto-ingestion for the Microsoft Store? Do you think we will see this in the next Windows Update?

    Thanks (and pre-ordered!)

  4. Scott Ross

    How would you fix the insider program?

  5. Mate Jovic

    Besides Redstone, is there another mainline developer branch, where a significant amount developers is working on the foundation of Windows for the next decade? In other words: will Windows continue to evolve in those bi-annual steps, or might we see a sudden feature hike at some point?