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    Thoughts on the continued decline in PC sales/market - specifically what it will mean in 5 to 10 years... is it actually shrinking or is the PC melting/splitting into other parts of our lives?  Bottom line, is the decline something we need to concern ourselves with?

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    Where is there a link to the live stream?

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    How is life?

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    Hi Brad, thanks for the call out on patch KB3172605 for Windows 7 SP1 last week, the patch to get Windows 7 Updates to work quickly again.

    Coincidentally, Steve Gibson covered this issue in episode 580 of Security Now on aired 04/10/2016 but recorded earlier on 28/09/2016. The Windows 7 update bug is covered at 48:30 minutes into the podcast (mentions this patch KB3172605)

    What I failed to mention last week was that Microsoft are changing how Win7 Updates will be delivered to Windows 7 from October 8th* (*assume Steve actually means Patch Tues 11th Oct), and the page Steve mentions, is recommending that Users should get Windows 7 fully updated before this date, to make sure future updates work after this date. i.e. People need to apply this fix using KB3172605 before October 11th, to prevent future problems after October 11th with new Win7 update mechanism.

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    We know MS is looking at the next big thing but mobile phones will still be around for years to come. Do you think they will maitain status quo (w10m as is and develop apps for ios & android) or will they do something "crazy" like do an android fork, get android/ios apps to run to on w10 or something else I'm not thinking about?

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    very quiet on the xamarin front lately.. any scuttlebutt?  In particular been looking for user numbers.

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    Any new information on Microsoft Bookings?  Any chance it might be added to education tiers of Office 365 or when it might happen? 

    Also, any updates on the Microsoft streaming devices?  Thanks

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    When will Skype for Teams be availalbe to the public, at least for testing? Will it come with all Office 365 business subscriptions? 

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    Any more indications / progress about UWP apps replacing built in "Legacy" applications? File Explorer, notepad, anything in the Windows Accessories program folder?

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      In reply to thespecificocean:

      Cynical: maybe no MSFT developer could stand the shame of implementing an app as devoid of features as the desktop Notepad.

      OTOH, why there's no UWP alternative to WordPad speaks volumes, mostly about MSFT's own lack of urgency about UWP.