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  1. Mary Jo Foley

    What is the codename for the coming Xbox gaming stick? Even if you don't know, please make up a good one.

  2. jnbck

    So does EA just not believe in firewalls?

    I haven't heard much about Sun Valley and chipsets. Will this run on ARM?

    On Windows Weekly, Paul seemed to downplay Sun Valley and said it won't be as big of a release as it's being hyped up to be.

    Do you agree, why or why not?

  3. mrpki

    Since this is gaming week with E3 event this weekend, here is some gaming questions:

    1. Have you tried playing Outriders? Why did they cap levels at 30? The game value declines quickly after that limitation.
    2. Halo Infinite is a major attraction this year for Xbox and many have questions. Why does Bonnie Ross, the visionary and chief of Halo not conduct any interviews?
  4. eternal shaddai

    My question is, Does all 1st Party Studios utilizes all the features (Perks) that MS give them like VRR, Ray Tracing etc. when a game releases or is that an extra cost for the studios. Reason for me for asking is that studios implement that later in an update and not at the date of release. Just curious

  5. matobehr

    Do you think that xCloud will share devices with other cloud gaming services? I mean, will it be on Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Shield TV etc?

  6. jheredia

    Hey Brad, thanks for your hard work keeping us question is about Panos and "Sun Valley". Giving the timing and his appointment as Windows chief, do you think that what we'll see on June 24th is the results of his "first order of business" when he took over? Or is this a more recent change that they've/he's pivoted to in the last year? Is this his "Surface Mini" in Windows form?

  7. bart

    Hi Brad, this week people in the Dev Channel have received two build updates to "test the servicing pipeline". What do you make of this in light of the Sun Valley announcement on June 24th?

    And do you expect Sun Valley to arrive via an Windows cumulative update or Feature Experience Pack update?

  8. IanYates82

    Xcloud / xbox news from this week has been very sensible and probably smart of them to get hardware news out early so they can try to just focus on games at the showcase. (do you think this was the strategy?)

    1. Do you think MS will release an Android TV app for xcloud?

    2. Would it, or other xcloud devices (PC, older xbox, streaming stick, bundled-with-TV) allow more than one controller at a time? Some couch co-op games don't have a high frantic pace and would work well despite the lag. And faster-paced couch games with 4 or even 8 players would at least see everyone suffer the same lag. It'd be a good differentiator from other platforms and several such games have been in game pass already

    • IanYates82

      I can see the original "play games on your phone, on the go" plan wouldn't have had this goal.... But I'd like to hope the xbox team is thinking bigger, and that Stadia/Luna, who *only* have the streaming approach, would have to be thinking about this multi-controller stuff (if they haven't already)

  9. shark47

    Windows 7 to 8 and 8 to 10 were all pretty big changes. Do you think we’ll see a similar big jump from Windows 10 to 11?

  10. sydney2k

    Hello Brad, I hope you had a good break.

    A couple of questions:

    1) earlier today, an inadvertent leak on a retailer website suggested that Flight Simulator for console would be released early next week- have you got any inside knowledge if this is the case? Also, the DirectX 12 version of the game is meant to release at the same time as the console version- does the halving of the install base that occurred recently a pointer to the DirectX 12 optimisation?

    2) a rumour suggests that Valve is working on a handheld Steam device, to be run on Linux O/S. This would make an excellent Xbox cloud streaming device. Would it be difficult for a Xbox cloud streaming app to be developed for Linux? Admittedly, it could be played via browser, but I would expect a dedicated app would be a better experience.

  11. dataminer49er

    In an interview, Phil Spencer said they were not focusing on pure cloud gaming, but a hybrid model that would use both cloud and edge compute. Will microsoft just use consoles and streaming sticks, or will they build something in between that is cheaper then a console but posses more compute power then a streaming stick. Maybe a dedicated streaming box or switch-like handheld, since tvs and phones may have limited compute power.