Questions for 10/11?


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  1. Ingiomar Martina

    Hi Brad, do you have any news about the new smartphone controller that Microsoft patented?

    It looks perfect for gaming on the Surface Duo

  2. mikefarinha

    Any idea if Surface Pro X will come in Magnesium?

    Surface Neo & Surface Duo sizzler videos weren't just about showing off new hardware but also the new user experiences coming in both Windows 10X and Android. It looks like Microsoft is trying to align the Windows and Android experiences and I find that fascinating and a big deal! With that observation and the comment from Satya Nadella that 'the OS isn't the most important layer but rather the app model and the experience.' I think it paints a more clear picture of where Microsoft is going. Which is to say that, with either of these devices, you are going to get a "Microsoft user experience" that app developers can target.

    Microsoft Build conference should be interesting this year.

  3. Usman

    How does the industrial design of Carmel compare to Surface Pro X, what differences could we expect.

  4. jnentwich

    Hi Brad,

    In your professional option, what do you think is going to be the next big thing in technology that everyone will own?

    For example wireless came out and years later it everywhere and in everyone home. Or like smartphones, everyone owns one now.

  5. chris_h

    Hi Brad.

    In the last year with discussions about windows lite I was expecting a literal ChredgeBook to compete with Google - i.e. an OS built around the Chromium-based edge browser, web apps, extensions, and maybe some emulation of full-blown windows apps.

    Do you envisage MS releasing something truly lite like chrome OS or would it have to have windows underneath?



  6. scottkuhl

    Why did Microsoft go with black for the Surface Pro X? I assume it is only available in 1 color because that requires less inventory and it could be a very niche product. By why not stick with the more traditional Surface grey like shown on the Neo and Duo?

  7. brothernod

    Historically it felt like the iPad crushed integrated Intel graphics and my $300 iPad plays Hearthstone better than my Surface Pro 5.

    At the $1,000 price point will the Surface X crush the Surface Pro 7 in gaming performance? Will the iPad beat the Surface X?

    Followup, any hope of Microsoft adding the Xbox wireless controller hardware to the Surface line or do I have to give up and buy Bluetooth controllers.


  8. martinusv2

    Hello Brad,

    Why you still use Miracast (hope I spelled it right) if you have so much trouble with it during First Ring Daily podcasts? :) Can't you find a better solution?

  9. Detective Polarphant

    What happened to Enterprise Dish this week, and why didn't your neighbour's review of the Surface Prto 6 pan out - I thought it was a good idea? Not complaining, just curious.

  10. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    1) did you find out anything more about 20H1? Since it entered _release branch, will they just *bugfix* till may?

    2) Do you know if any OEM partner plans to release a smaller version of the Surface Neo, maybe a more *pocketable* one? :D Also does the neo support telephony?

  11. psychoker

    Hey Brad, 2 questions

    1. What do you know about availability in europe for the Surface Earbuds.

    2. Will there ever be a consumer Hololens.

    Thank you and have a nice day ✌️

  12. EZAB

    Do you have any information on why Dona Sarkar left the Insider Program and who might take her place? I'm thinking maybe Brandon LeBlanc, Jason Howard or both of them?

  13. yoshi

    What are your thoughts on Mike Ybarra leaving Microsoft? He was a pretty big name on the Xbox team. Any idea where he might be headed? Odd time to be headed out with the upcoming next-gen console and xCloud.

  14. timo47

    Do you think the redesigned Surface Pro that was withheld until next year will be similar in design to the Surface Pro X? (But hopefully not as thin so that it can support USB-A & headphone jack). Do you know if there's a technological reason for Microsoft to wait until next year or is it only to give the Pro X the advantage of the new design (making the regular ones look outdated in comparison).

    Before the event, a lot of the speculation about what known as Windows Lite seemed to revolve around creating a Chromebook competitor. Yet, no such thing was announced at the event. Do you think they might still do that? Perhaps with the refresh of the Surface Go?

  15. will

    I have been looking to get a good headset for the Xbox One X and I would have thought the Surface Headphones, or even the new Surface Buds would be a perfect item for the Xbox however this is not the case. Is this because the Xbox console does not support bluetooth headsets? Have you heard if this will change with the next console as there are so many good wireless headset options that unfortunately not available for the Xbox.

  16. willr

    Hi Brad. I really want a Windows 10X device but I don't want a folding device. Are they going to put Windows 10X on non-folding devices too?

  17. anoldamigauser

    Did you notice if the Surface Neo supported MicroSD cards or USB devices?

  18. Scott Ross

    I am interested in a 15' Surface Laptop, I do some gaming like Forza, Gears 5, and MK 11. Everyone of my computers in the past has been Intel based and I am wondering if the AMD version of the Surface would be able to handle those games and future games? Also any idea on the long term durability when it comes to AMD hardware? My Laptops usually last 5-8 years as a main machine and I want to keep it that way.

  19. thrustbucket

    In my opinion, Microsoft's insistence on piece-mealing mandatory accessories has been the biggest detractor to the Surface line; often adding hundreds of dollars to an already pricey device. With the neo, because of it's nature, it depends on a keyboard and pen more than any other surface to be at all useful (imo).

    Do you think Microsoft is dumb enough to try and sell the Surface Neo keyboard and pen separately?

  20. emanon2121

    Will the Surface All-Access program be updated with the new products? If not, will the program be canceled like their previous financing program?

  21. dave2215cz

    Hi Brad,

    could you please share any info you have about future of Cortana?



  22. s3v8

    What do you think about Mike Ybarra's leaving?

    What do you think about Shawn Layden's leaving, lay offs at SIE in Europe and trying to hide that with PlayStation Now (Oct 1) and PlayStation 5 (2 days ago) news?

    Do you think we will see some titbits, little sneak peak about Project Scarlett at X019 after official 'randomly' announcement of PlayStation 5?

    Do you think we would see some acquisition of another studio (at least one) at X019?

  23. nickg2017

    So as an win. Insider should we expect early access to win10?

    I think gaming is the key feature to the surface duo, do you think the duo would get a revision to it's hardware to adjust/account for the screen bezels, camera and alert screen?

  24. bart

    Hi Brad, I hope your daughter is well.

    What are you expecting to hear at the MS Ignite conference? Anything you are hoping for? Or will you do a separate podcast on this topic?