Questions for 10 / 29? [Closed]


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  1. Migui

    So, we already know the Xbox and playstation results in terms of incomes (games and services). What's your opinion about them? Do you think that the game pass strategy is paying off to Microsoft? And do you think that we will see more big announcements about new games and studios being added to the Xbox family? Finally, could you compare the playstation results to the Xbox ones?

  2. matobehr

    So Facebook is now Meta. In a similar fashion how Google is actually Alphabet. In the long term do you see Facebook/Meta succeeding in building themselves up into a Google and Microsoft conglomerate of services and devices?

    • locust_infested_orchard_inc.

      The company's name change from Fakebook to Mafia (or Metacrap, take your pick) shall have absolutely no bearing on the never-ending spiralling downhill trajectory of the immortality and unethical belligerence of the entity run by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO). The pair shall continue in the pursuit of profits at the expense of not removing inflammatory, misinformed, disinformed, venomous content on their platform.

      Their use of AI has been used to fuel distasteful and inappropriate content to their users' feed, and the metaverse concept shall be no different – it will be a teaming haven for illicit behaviour that will ultimately draw in tens of billions of people to the metaverse of illegality, in which cryptocurrency shall be the currency of exchange, bringing untold wealth to all metaverse participants.

      [Cryptocurrency can be a force of good, but in Fakebook's metaverse it shall be used for nefarious purposes].

  3. mrpki

    Let's end the questions this week with something different from Windows and XBox: There was a lot of open source and .NET drama over the hot reload capability being available for everyone or if it is only available in the paid Visual Studio. Do you think there is turmoil and angst occurring with the loss of Visual Studio sales due to the popularity of Visual Studio Code?

  4. agizmo

    Will Ignite have enough Windows content for Pau next weekl? J/K.

  5. sydney2k

    How are you feeling about Halo Infinite after the Campaign showcase this week?

  6. usman

    I hope I'm not too late with this question. I saw you post the monkey meme in response to walkingcat. What's happening to WMR and how would that affect Hololens and Microsoft Mesh?