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    Any more word on those Xbox streaming devices and there presence at the Microsoft event?  Also with the earnings report suggesting a healthy Surface line, what do you attribute to it's success given it's struggles this past year?  Fan boys like me or is it the failing Ipad or something more complex and convoluted?  I would like your insights.  BTW, I also love the direction of the site!


  2. 6276

    windows hello and band 2

    using band 2 or IOT device as login device for windows  

    Microsoft said this feature to be available in Windows AU
    Companion Device Framework (CFD), as companion device for Microsoft Passport based authentication

  3. 3229

    Will MSFT announce a Surface 4?

  4. 7026

    Say Brad,


    Maybe somebody could find out why RS2 Mobile builds have been so bad, ending in the current 14946-14951 inability to update. 14946.1000 is a terrible build, which just makes it even more critical to get to the next build.


    Why are builds not better internally before flighting externally?


    According to Dona Sarkar this "can't update to 1495" problem was a total surprise and installed fine for "everyone at the office".


    It's a pre-release program, we all get that, but it's a community program designed for feedback in the real world. If builds are so bad and broken that they are unusable, how is any useful real world feedback being accomplished?


    Shouldn't there be a core functionality level standard set for all community rings?   Vetting 300 reboots in a day is a lab environment not community sourced feedback.


    Any help on this front is greatly appreciated.

  5. 5618

    Hey Brad, quick question, why there is no spilt screen on windows 10 mobile? It's already present in Windows 10, so how hard is it to implement it on mobile sku? Aren't both same?

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    2nd question,

    I love my Microsoft Miracast dongle as for my use case its much better then fire stick, I was wondering if MS will release a new version with more capabilities like Google's devices or something similar.?

  7. 1488

    If you don't have a 4k tv, is an Xbox one still a good buy?