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  1. adamcorbally

    One of my tweets but I think it deserves a shout/ discussion -

    in what world wasn't it worth making a Xbox dongle to allow game streaming, smart TV and Cortana available throughout the home?!?

    I'd pay for this now, if it was priced sub $100 it'd be a big Christmas seller gaurenteed

  2. jlv632

    With Windows Mobile Feature 2 released to the wild and really nothing else coming to the platform.... Could you think or see a way Microsoft could sell the W10M platform?

    Much like Nokia abandoned Meego and Shallfish/Jolla and other enthusiasts picked it up.

    I could imagine that once all Hardware has been supported for two years, Windows Mobile being sold to a Samsung or anyone looking to break away from Android/Google. It might be a long way behind Android / iOS but it is working, secure and could be a great leg up if someone wanted to try and be "Number 3" in the market.

  3. Sprtfan

    At the point that the Invoke gets access to Alexia and all of its skills, doesn't it become a pretty compelling option?

  4. ponsaelius

    According to Nadella mixed reality is the next wave of computing. Looking at the headsets it seems rather more like Kinnect. Is MR the next wave or is there more hype than serious applications?

  5. mikefarinha

    The new invoke looks awesome. But for me to want to buy it would need to have more functionality. Specifically do you know if Microsoft has on the roadmap any of the following features for Cortana?

    * awareness of other Cortana devices in the vicinity (i.e. x box, pc, mobile, etc.)

    * voice recognition for multiple MSA accounts

    * stream music from OneDrive

  6. Jules Wombat

    Does Brad have a cat ?

  7. fzz

    The comment system on is fubar again for premium accounts. How many more screw-ups before y'all admit you really don't know how to do this?

  8. Averroda

    Brad, news came out about Delta, GE and now WalMart moving away from Windows and going to the Apple devices (iPhone and Mac). The stories I’ve read stated that this is due to the zero mobile play that Microsoft has. Do you believe this is the reason and should this make Microsoft worried that no mobile platform effects its enterprise customers just as it does its consumers?

    Does this news put more pressure on Microsoft to get this Windows Core OS/ Andromeda device to maybe change the game for them in mobile? Perhaps make them push harder than they were expecting for this device?

    Thanks in advance for answering. I enjoying listening to this show every week!

  9. hrlngrv

    I realize it has its own separate forum thread, but will there be a flag button for spam and inapproprite comments? [just pronounce my user name as HUV.]

  10. Bdsrev

    Surface sales are up even though Consumer Reports basically told people to not buy them... that's impressive and deserves a mention!

  11. dalyIsaac

    How is mixer performing? Is it actually a viable competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming?

  12. Simard57

    since 1709, it seems that at times Hello isn't working. I have the Spectre X360 and after lifting lid at times the camera doesn't activate. any idea how to diagnose it? I am thinking that the OS has the camera locked to another application but it isn't anything I did

  13. gregsedwards

    What's your advice for a living room setup that includes both an Xbox+Kinect and an Invoke? I don't want them both to chime in every time I say "Hey Cortana." Given that Kinect is on its way out, I've considered just removing it preemptively from my setup, but I'm also wondering if it might make sense to keep the Kinect, just disable/dial back the Cortana integration, and maybe even switch back to the old "Xbox..." style commands (assuming you can still even do that).

    Also, do you think Microsoft will integrate Xbox into a more holistic "connected home" strategy, so that you could talk to smart agents - be they Cortana, Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant - and ask them to power on/off your console, change the channel, launch apps, etc.? Do you think they'll release a new Media Remote with an integrated mic?

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