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    Since intel stopped their push into mobile, will AMD ever think about it? Or Qualcomm ever grow up to replace intel as desktop processor?


    Do you have anti virus issue in latest fast ring builds? I cannot stream anything when I have antivirus running and this includes app update

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      In reply to Kudupa:

      Brad talked about AMD going mobile with Andrew on what the tech on Tuesday.

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        In reply to MerlinE.:

        AMD is focused on regaining their competitive edge in desktops. So they give up on Mobile as they could only do one of those. Zen will launch in 2017 and all indications is that the chips is very competitive. 

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    What about that theoretical Alexa-like hardware you talked during one of your podcasts?

    Any news about the closer Xbox OS - Windows 10 integration? I mean is there any chance that Scorpio will be in essence a PC?

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    Putting aside for a moment the question whether Microsoft is or is not ready to go mainstream with Windows 10 Mobile, do you think the public would be ready for such a proposition?

    I know I would.

    What's your take on that possibility based on your opinion and on what you maybe heard from Microsoft itself?

    I'd be also curious to know if Microsoft is internally even considering a timeframe in which a Windows 10 Mobile "official" release (properly accompanied with innovative hardware) could be suitable for the platform to flourish, or if they're developing Windows 10 literally waiting for something on the Mobile landscape to happen in order to quickly jump in.


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    Is it too late for Microsoft to release the Xbox streaming device?

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    Hi Brad, regarding the iFixit teardown of the macbook Pro w/touchbar.

    Making the SSD integrated/non removeable in the macbook Pro w/touchbar, is this just another way for Apple to sell iCloud Backup?

    Any thoughts on the integration of the SSD making it non-removeable, the position of the Sandisk Flash chips, which seem stategically placed at stress points of 'Curly Moustache' motherboard design, and what appears to be directly below the edge of the keyboard recess.

    (Spill coffee on this macbook Pro, there is not much chance of getting your data back without a good 'pre-accident' backup procedure).

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    If you read HockeyApp's website, they're headlining the new Visual Studio Mobile Center as well, which makes me think that Mobile Center is a descendent of HockeyApp itself. Can you say if this is true? Also, if you read their blog post in detail, you probably won't see any mention of universal apps, though the product introduction that blog post links to does mention coming support for UWP (and Apache Cordova?). Do you think Mobile Center will actually support UWP, and if so, when?

    Mobile Center product page:

    HockeyApp blog post:

    Call me ila ("eye-lah")

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    When will groove lower the membership price to compete with other music services, 9.99 per month is high and no family plan. They should make a One Prime, like Amazon prime. $99.99 for xbox gold, groove and tv & movies, then we are talking.

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      In reply to xchaser:

      any package would be around office 365 not the entertainment. The used to have a work and play bundle for I think ~170$ valued at $300. It included Skype minutes, office, xbox live and Grove Music if I recall correctly.

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    Have you tried using a Windows 10 Mobile device hooked up to a big screen and Xbox Controller as Microsoft Streaming device?

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    Any news if Microsoft will introduce more controls for Windows Update in 1703?

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    Could you take a guess at what project Scorpio will be,  look,  and perform like? Maybe upgradable hardware? 

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    Is there any home automation platform that's more-or-less compatible with Cortana in its current form?