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    Are queso tots, hands down, the best tots? Or is there still a possibility some other kind of tot -- say, a Surface Tot or a Teams Tot -- may ultimately triumph? 

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    1. Will Windows 10 Mobile also support Windows Holographic? How does the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro fit in with its VR thing if it doesn't?

    2. Any news about the Microsoft Health Platform? WC posted pics about a new UI for the (back then MS Health) now MS Band app in June. Is this still coming?

    I still think it's strange that they cancelled the Band 3 etc. At ignite (I think) they even showed "new" health feature for cortana saying "coming soon".

    Cortana Ignite

    3. How are the chances that the Band 2 will get further feature update? (for exmaple some of the cancelled Band 3)

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    If you think that there is hope for a new surface phone, do you think they will keep the three tiers of Insider, Business and Value?

    It seems that if Lumia/Microsoft had any strength in the mobile market it was in sub $130 device.

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    While two weeks doesn't make a trend, do you think Microsoft is finally going in the right direction when its introduction of new products, i.e. Surface Studio & Teams has created a perception that its two main competitors in this field, Apple & Slack, are on defense if not right out damage control mode?

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    With the Surface Dial, does it work with Surface Pro 3 as a dial? I only ask as I'm sure Panos said that it did but on the Microsoft Store, it only shows Studio, Book and Pro 4. No love for the Pro 3. Any idea why it wouldn't/couldn't work with Pro 3? Microsoft Store Support Chat don't know and said "Re-Ask" closer to it's release.

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    What is happening with Cortana? Seems to be getting worse in the UK, inc functionality removed in the move WP8.1 to W10.

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    With Microsoft Teams, MS has found a way to integrate Software and Services it builds for businesses. MS Teams sort of functions as a dashboard for chat, Office, email ect etc. Do you expect a similar offering for consumers?

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    While MS have released some nice products lately and the cloud business is booming what on Earth is happening in consumer. WMobile now in the " other " usage bracket, MS browsers haemorrhaging users and W10 adoption stalled along with what appears to be only modest uptake of UWP apps and Store interaction. How do MS turn this around? 

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    accepting bet: Project Scorpio will use "Surface Play" as the product name (comes along with a premium price too) 

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    Paul alluded to this the other day. Will any Centennial app coming to the Windows Store become available on Windows 10 Mobile through virtualization? Surface Phone now becomes a viable option, right?

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    In the blog post that detail the changes to Windows updates they alluded to customers asked for more control over when updates install and download. Have you heart anything about what they are planning around this? 

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