Questions for 2/11?


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  1. thejoefin

    Do you think Windows would benefit from more SKUs? Windows for Tablets, Windows for AR/VR, Windows for Surface Hub, etc.

    Pros: Microsoft could make those experiences better and more focused with unique elements suited only on those platforms

    Cons: Complexity and confusion for developers, consumers, businesses, and OEMs

  2. mrpki

    Hi Mr Gamer - do you pay full price for your XBox Ultimate Game Pass or do you get a discount subscription code from a Microsoft employee who can get the 12 month subscription code from the employee company store for 50% discount? If you get a discount price, would you still pay full price?

  3. sydney2k

    Happy St Valentine's Day Brad,

    What are your thoughts on the Open App Store Principles initiative? Hoag's Law in their most recent podcast labelled the language used to introduce it as "cloying".

  4. jay wolf

    Hey Brad. Happy Friday and hope you're doing well.

    I'm sure by now you've seen the statement Microsoft has put out in regards to popular Activision/ Blizzard IPs remaining multi platform.

    Do you think Microsoft are just playing nice(for now)just so FTC will allow the acquisition to go through faster? Or is this multi platform strategy being used to help recoup the 68 billion asap ?

    I also recall similar language being during the Bathehsda purchase and we all know how that ended up in terms if Xbox exclusivity.

  5. stiken82

    Hi Brad,

    Back in the day, we said the NES had 8-bit graphics, and the SNES, 16-bit.

    What if I have a Nvidia RTX 3090? Do I have 384-bit graphics (since that’s how wide the 3090’s memory interface is)? 64-bit (since that’s what the system processor is)? Or isn't it that simple anymore? If it's not any of the above, what is the closest number?

  6. confusedgeek

    Good luck in rooting for the winning team.

  7. chris_h

    Hi Brad,

    What do you think will happen in 2025 when Windows 10 goes out of support? Will Microsoft let hundreds of millions of win10 machines that are likely to still be in use go unsupported with the risks of malware/ransomware or will they fudge it and extend/offer another solution such as a win10 se lite update?

    I know the machines/OS can't be supported indefinitely but it feels like Microsoft needs to offer something. What do you think they should do?

    Good luck on Sunday!


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