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  1. MrPKI

    Following the popular tradition of being last: Should everyone wait until the holidays for new laptop so they can see what OEMs are going to offer Windows X models or a Surface Neo?

  2. mauerque

    (Username pronounced "Mark")

    Hi Brad,

    Do you have a feel for why a company with as much money and talent as Microsoft struggles to fix issues with Windows such as the search experience and inconsistent UI? As someone with no experience in either tech or business, it seems strange that a third party search app like "Everything" works so well, while a trillion dollar company can't get their search to find a simple word document half of the time. Is Windows just too complex to fix even minor issues, or are there other things you think are more to blame?


  3. team56th

    - Is there any way I can check the feedbacks for enterprise services like Azure? It's pretty easy to check the public perception for customer goods but not so easy with the enterprises, and I'd like to learn that as well.

    - Have you heard about exactly how Microsoft plans to leverage Anaconda (and Lockhart) boards for Azure services? Will they be used for something specialized like GPU accelerated workloads, or just normal VMs utilizing 8 CPU cores?

    - I just ordered Surface Pro X on the cheap. Any tip I should be aware of? By the way I have used Surface devices for several years and have also used a Lenovo laptop using SD850.

  4. anoldamigauser

    For the Surface Pro X, have you tried to push the envelope at all with regard to the type of Win32 applications you run? For basic productivity applications, I assume it is reasonable, but I was wondering if you have tried to push just a little to see where it runs out of steam. Since these applications are running in an emulator, what is the constraining factor...CPU or RAM.

    Do the Office apps support Object linking from other applications, so that an Excel Graph in a Word document would update if the underlying Excel data is changed? It did work in Windows RT.

    Do you know of an app, which has both UWP an Win32 versions, that could be used to showcase the difference in how the system works?

    Will 64 bit MSIX store apps, like Paint.NET work on it? (pretty sure this is a no)

  5. Usman

    Hi Brad,

    I am a little confused by the new Office Mobile app, I have opened and viewed a few complicated spreadsheets and word documents and they seem to be identical to the standalone apps. They seem to also have the full ribbon, and in excel it also has the specialised excel keyboard. This does feel very full featured and is contrary to what I heard from other news outlets, when they refer it to a lightweight all in one office app.

    Secondly, on Windows Weekly, MJF mentioned that a Surface Studio monitor is coming this year. I remember it was mentioned in your book and also what Tom Warren reported a year ago. Is this still accurate as of this point in time.

  6. Andrei.Lujan

    Hi Brad, thanks for your great work!

    Do you know anything about surface monitor as a standalone display product?

    Thank you

  7. Kudupa

    Hi Brad,

    My question is,

    With Windows 10X & containers will Microsoft eliminate the need for anti-virus softwares and also all the Virus/worms/Ransomware attacks?

  8. davejramos

    Hi Brad, Dave here

    I hear Paul mention he "blows away" his PC's all the time and starts over with a fresh install of Windows 10. Do you if he uses a program to package up all his applications so that he doesn't have to re-install them all one-at-a-time? What about packaging up PWAs?

    Any advice is much appreciated as I am about to "blow away" my Surface Book 1 that is showing its age.


  9. averroda

    Hey Brad,

    -What are your thoughts on that company Emperion bringing out their nebulous phone that runs W10 on Arm and android apps?

    -Since there is no call functionality for w10 on arm do you think it makes sense that Microsoft should add that feature to enable calling for W10 on arm devices since it’s capable of making them? Just seems like something they could provide to OEMs in case they did want to use that functionality.

  10. kj_pda

    Looking to upgrade Surface 3 LTE three choices imo. Prefer lte but want $600 or less device

    Surface Go LTE

    Surface 5 core m

    Surface 7 core i3

    Wait for surface go 2

    wait for surface neo