Questions for 3/22?


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. MrPKI

    Which games would you only desire to play on streaming XCloud or Stadia and which would only be console?

  2. Tourniquet

    Andromeda was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Windows Phone. Now that it seems like Andromeda is dead now, is there any chance at all that Microsoft is going to put Santorini on a Phone / pocketable kind of device? Or is that formfactor really dead in the Windows world for good?

  3. djncanada

    MS Planner integration with MS ToDo, when will this happen

  4. gregsedwards

    What's happening with multiple user support on the HK Invoke? After appearing a few months ago in the Cortana Beta app on iOS, the setting has actually been removed from the newer builds. Are they still planning to ship this feature eventually?

  5. staller

    Hi Brad,

    Some Xbox and Microsoft gaming questions.

    XCloud Client Question

    With Google announcing their game streaming service, Stadia. It uses Chrome as the method of delivering content to the customer.

    With Microsoft changing the rendering engine and underlying tech of Edge to a Chromium based solution. Do you think Xbox will take a similar route to delivering XCloud content? Using Chrome and Edge Chromium as their dumb client for mass streaming? Or do you think they will make a rich client app? Or maybe a combo of both?

    Microsoft Gaming Product Question

    Microsoft makes their money from creating technology and software, bundling them as products/services then on-selling them. Whilst Microsoft is going to resell the downtime on XCloud GPUs as runtime to Azure clients.

    Do you see Microsoft creating a white labelled service based on the XCloud blades and GameStack? Selling this as a readymade game streaming product to other companies looking to enter the game streaming market? Companies like Nintendo, Walmart, Other Game Publishing Companies and even Sony? These companies would be able to compete on an infrastructure scale, like Amazon and Google without the spend.



  6. yoshi

    A few questions - all tied in together. Thanks, Brad!

    Is there still value in purchasing the S and X consoles? Or are people better off waiting for the next generation? Do you anticipate that the xCloud platform will function for many years on the current consoles?