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Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them below.

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  1. mrpki

    Ending this week with some feisty Ignite questions:

    1. Did you really get "pumped" about the Mesh and how First Ring Daily can become a virtual mesh?
    2. Did you notice many of the "ask the expert" sessions were based on canned questions and not open Q&A that deviated from their planned messages?
  2. matobehr

    Sony is shuttering their Movies and TV purchasing and rental service on Playstation later this year. Do you forsee Microsoft shutting their Movies and TV service down? If so, when?

  3. txag

    What have you heard about the ongoing attack directed at on-prem Exchange servers? I read today that Homeland Security has declared an emergency for Federal systems, and has issued an emergency directive to all agencies with steps for mitigating the issue.

  4. shark47

    Do You have a level 2 charger at home? Also, do you take your Tesla on road trips ever?

  5. jficara

    Hi Brad,

    This is Joe.

    Do you think it’s likely Microsoft will announce cloud hosted Win32 apps for Windows 10X at Build this year?

    Thanks for all the great content and that podcast with your and Paul’s spouse was fantastic! They did such a wonderful job!