Questions for 3/17 Podcast


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  1. TechnologyTemperance

    Do you think Project Scorpio will be powerful enough to support the Oculus Rift?  Natural synergy there with the controller, also would solve the lack of VR problem. 

  2. Lewk

    Is it possible that we'll see a new Touch Screen Word Flow Keyboard in Windows 10 with this rumoured CShell architecture? Seeing as the rumours around CShell say that it's an adaptable UI, having the Touch Keyboard adapt to screen changes and continuum seems logical.

  3. gregalto

    Do you think we will ever see an Xbox mobile?

  4. TheJoeFin

    What is Microsoft doing with their built in app strategy? Do you know how those teams are organized? Are they intentionally keeping them under-featured to keep from competing with their O365 products?

  5. rtodd_us

    What is your favorite stock Android replacement apps? Things like an SMS messenger, reminder lists, email etc. or do you just go with stock Android? I ask this because of Paul's recent posts regarding Android for the Window's guy (Which BTW I really enjoy). I am getting an Android phone and though I like Microsoft products I also want the best. So I was wondering which apps do you think are the best on Android?