Questions for 4/19?


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  1. razif

    Will Microsoft make Windows Cores OS still available this year? Hololens 2 simulator does not work on WCOS, what will happen to this project?

  2. razif

    Will Microsoft Edge be available on linux ?

  3. simont

    Do you watch e-sports (PUBG) or is your sports viewing mainly Golf?

  4. MrPKI

    Do you think the standard XBox One S will quickly drop in price with the new digital only version now coming to market?

  5. rojorojo

    Why is Xbox confident they can stay ahead of Sony in specs for the next console generation?

  6. gamezone

    Have you heard anything more about Microsoft's attempt to enter PC gaming other than the previous leaks? Why would publishers with their own PC launchers agree to this?

  7. hrlngrv

    With all the tech gadgets you've let your kid use, what are you and your wife going to do when her school gives her a Chromebook?

  8. jlv632

    Hi Brad,

    With Microsoft winding up the Books with refunds for all, how could you see them winding up "Movies and TV"? Surely refunds and the average price of a movie wouldn't be possible and I read online that "Movies Anywhere" would/could be an option. However that only serves Movies and not TV and only sorts out North America.

    Any ideas or clues or can you see Microsoft running this division as/at a loss to boost up Xbox as a media center?

  9. Matt Kelly

    Hi Brad. Have you or Paul played with Windows 10 activation lately? EVERY Windows 7 or 8 OEM, embedded or retail key I have every tried [over 100 in last 6 months] has activated for a clean install on the same machine. I've also tested OEM keys from DIFFERENT manufacturers on separate PCs and those activate too. I can also confirm that in place upgrades from Win 7 PCs [that are CLEAN, never running Windows 10] also work from the media creation tool [did 3 using HP OEM keys last Monday]. I wonder if this loophole will close when Windows 7 support actually ends?

  10. jficara

    Do you think the optical drive they excluded from the Xbox one all digital edition actually cost Microsoft $50 or are they taking a bigger hit somehow when the actual retail sale prices come out, which as you’d say will be $50, lower than the msrp as compared to the other Xbox editions.

  11. Rick

    Do you expect any surface devices with thunderbolt 3 this year?

  12. yoshi

    Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but the launch of the All Digital Xbox has me concerned about the launch of the next gen consoles. With the odd pricing at $249 it almost feels as if Microsoft still doesn't get it. I just don't understand how nobody thought 'hey this is too close to the regular S pricing'.

    I guess my question is, does this raise some concerns for you as well? Or should we all feel confident with Microsoft for next gen?

  13. wolters

    I'm enjoying Paul's series on the new Microsoft Edge. A lot of attention has been paid to the fact there are a ton of Google Services stripped and that this is great for people who just want to use their Microsoft Account. How does this work in a mobile world? On an Android phone, you pretty much need a lot of Google Services to have a great, synced experience. iPhone is a little different in this matter but you truly can't have a fully synced Microsoft experience with out a moderate use of Google and a little bit of Apple. What do you think Microsoft's strategy will be when it comes to a more complete mobile experience? Is this where Microsoft Launcher comes into major play along with Edge syncing to mobile?