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  1. gregalto

    How does Microsoft re-enter the phone market?

    • RobbeB32

      In reply to gregalto: I think the only option is to first make Progressive Web Apps the norm (which Google is already trying to) so that the current App Store model gets (partially) undermined. Only so (by undermining the app store model) can a phone without native apps ever be regarded as being on par or close to par with an iOS device.

  2. timedrifter

    Has anyone considered that Windows Cloud could be Windows with store apps locally and 32bit apps in the cloud i.e. remote apps? Along the lines of the HP X3.

  3. caschw

    What are your predictions for Build?

  4. mercblue281

    why do people put up with the advertising scam that is google? I find their business model to be quite disgusting. 'here's some free mediocre crap - now we will collect all your data and sell ads to a bunch of fools who actually think giving us money helps them.'

    this can't possibly be what humanity has devolved to.

    sorry - very disheartened windows phone user. REALLY do not want to use iOS (it's still terrible and too expensive) NOR android (google).

    Don't like that MSFt has put us in this position as W10M actually does suit our needs. But when it comes to having to get new hardware - VZ has no W10 offerings that will be updated going forward and switching carriers may not even possible.

    I appreciated Jez corden's write up on turning and android into a MSFT phone but there are still issues - 1) that's a lot of effort and 2) you are still at googles mercy

    ugh. :-(

    • Kudupa

      In reply to mercblue281: I understand your frustration but Microsoft failed because they came in late and didn't make the OS free. If they had, then OEMs might have picked it up. Also, developers didn't support it. So, the idea of Windows phone in current format is dead.
      Now, the important question is " How will they come back into this market?"
      Even if they bring ARM device still the app issue remains.
      This is an important market and without major presence I'm not sure abt Microsofts future in consumer markets.

  5. Kudupa


    Why can't Microsoft take android and put Arrow launcher & make Cortana default assistant. In a way Microsofttfy android and sell it. If this is not possible, then use those patent deals to push OEMs to do this.

    I'm saying this becasue Microsofts consumer play is in doubt without proper mobile presence.

  6. Clarkb

    So, I get why Msft added some "creative" ringtones in Phone build 1703 which hit phones yesterday, but why did they decide to change peoples existing ringtones to one of the new ones and, more confusingly, why did they remove the ability to preview ringtones when you go to Settings, Personalization, Sounds, Ringtones???  Asking for a friend...

  7. RobbeB32

    So after reading Paul's article "Windows 10, PCs, and the future of Apps (Premium)" I've been doing some basic research on Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). Let's now assume that Paul is right and Windows 10 Cloud will focus on PWA's.

    Do you think Windows 10 Cloud will be held back by the current immature state and unpopularity of Edge? I would think it would all still work when using Chrome rather than Edge, but that option probably won't be available since Chrome is not in the Store...

  8. RobbeB32

    Another question related to Windows 10 Cloud:

    Office is still way more powerfull than Google's G Suite. However, when only looking at the in-browser version of both suites, G Suite is vastly superior (even when compared to the UWP versions of Office). Won't Windows 10 Cloud play into Google's cards? Or do you think Microsoft is preparing Office to counter this concern?

    BTW collaboration in Office is still a disaster: less focused on co-editing (and as a consequence less intuitive) than G Suite, crashes and hangs when simultanuously editing etc. Not optimal for education if you ask me?

  9. MerlinE.

    Why is Groove treated like a Kid living in a boarding School? It's a great service with good app's on all major platforms and the web, but you never hear about it.