Questions for 5/14?


Podcast will be on the weekend as I am traveling but drop the questions below

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  1. willr

    Hey Brad, dunno if you take video game questions but do you know if Forza Hoizon 5 is going to get a 120 frames per second mode on the Series X? I got an LG OLED a few months ago and once you get used to 120 frames per second, it's difficult to go back to 60 FPS! Things are so much clearer and sharper at 120 FPS, even though the resolution is always lower (apparently it's something to do with sample-and-hold displays like OLED and LCD?)

  2. alsorun

    Hi Brad. Which is a more streamlined operating system, Win11 on Intel/AMD or Win11 on Arm?

  3. B-Rezvani

    Hey Brad, my first question after watching every single episode so far!

    Long winded question incoming ?

    Windows audio and it's features have been quite underwhelming since like ever, why doesn't Microsoft invest in improving it or buying someone like Creative Labs and use their patents and their expertise to make a better experience.

    They could also use their talents in Xbox division to make a much more immersive experience in games.

    They could also expand the Surface headphone lineup with this.

    This question popped into my head after getting an amp by Creative and their SXFI technology is impressive.

  4. SherlockHolmes

    Hi Brad,

    so in the lights of everybody focusing on Windows 11 22H2, im just curious about whats in Windows 10 22H2? Even Microsoft doesnt talk about it. Thanks.

  5. anoldamigauser

    Do you think Microsoft will ever make a lightweight operating system to supplement windows rather than replace it? They seem to be ceding this market to Apple and Google.

  6. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    what's your take on the delay of release of Starfield by Bethesda Gameworks to 2023? Do you think Starfield is a game in trouble, or a good game that's being polished to be better?