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  1. RobbeB32

    If I remember correctly, iFixit found a mysterious unspecified chip dedicated to the display in the Surface Studio teardown. Is there any information wether this is the same one the new Surface Pro uses? Or in other words wether Studio completely supports the new Pen the way Pro does?

  2. Brad Sams

    Thanks for creating this thread :)

  3. DaQuantumFro

    Okay two questions 1) When do you think we will see the first Windows 10 ARM devices? I'm betting they'll launch at Computex but I might be off. Question 2 is where do you think Microsoft will take Windows 10 S if it's successful? In particular will Microsoft remove legacy software Windows no longer needs; also will they ever give it away to OEMs?

  4. Kudupa

    Brad, I'm sorry for the Long winded question:

    Microsoft isn't interested in consumer products & when they do its half baked solutions. It feels like they are interested in enterprise and thats fine with that as Microsoft is chasing enterprise money. Google is the biggest threat to Microsoft as Google wons add market, consumer mind-share already and If they get into enterprise then that will be the end of Microsoft.

    so my questions are

    1) What if Google figures out enterprise faster then Microsoft can respond?

    2) Why cant they crack consumer market?

    3) Why are they taking so long to bring Cortana into ambient computing?

  5. ponsaelius

    Does the global release of Surface Pro mean Microsoft has discovered the world outside the USA? Will other products like Cortana be available with the same feature set as the USA in 2017? Will Microsoft's mobile wallet ever reach anyone outside the users of the Bay Federal credit union and reveal itself to banks in other countries?

  6. tobiaalberti

    Hello Brad,

    As far as I know the 16/18 months support window should apply to current Windows 10 Mobile handsets too (once Microsoft upgrades them for the last time). Can you confirm that?

    Do you think Windows 10 S could be interpreted as the category defining feature of the Surface Laptop? Do you think that's the only such feature? Do you think that's enough?

    Have a nice day.

  7. MrPKI

    I know we would like to hear your opinion on the #Windows10 telemetry fake news story? ?

  8. Tourniquet

    Hi Brad,

    as we learned from a german site this week, it seems Microsoft is now promoting Windows 10 Mobile privately to business customers. Some of its partners even got a roadmap showing devices with a Redstone 4 release.

    Do you have any more insight into it?

    We also heard from the WalkingCat that there are first signs of Andromeda in RS3. What excatly is that? Probably part of / foundation of CShell?

  9. Sprtfan

    Ideally the new Surface Pro and Surface laptop would have supported USB-C/TB3, but my question is do you think no USB-C is better than a limited option that some other manufacturers did? (I believe that some Dells only support 2 PCI lanes instead of 4 and Huawei MateBook E is basically just USB 3.1 with USB-C connector)

  10. Detective Polarphant

    You haven't reviewed that Surface Studio ? - it seems to have become part of your set-up - should we just keep quiet and hope Microsoft forgets about it :)

  11. spacecamel

    How many of Microsoft's services can you use with a Chromebook?