Questions for 6/17?


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  1. hastin

    Have you messed with the Steam Deck at all? I just got one and the compatibility of Proton to run current and past Windows games and applications is extremely impressive. Today's games run pretty good, and legacy games from the 90s and 00s run great - and in a wild experiment - Proton had no issues running Word 2016 for me. Truly think there could be a future of running more than just games on Linux with Proton.

    I initially thought I would blow out SteamOS and put Windows on it, but now I'm not so sure. I know... finally "year of linux on the desktop" and all that - but it's impressive.

  2. Migui

    Help me to understand... Why some companies continue to use internet explorer? Why it took so long to kill it definitely?

    • jnbck

      NPR did a good story on this. In the US, there hasn't been much for IE usage. A lot of foreign govt's and public agencies have Microsoft-baked systems that require legacy IE, and they may not have the time or resources to update.

  3. mrpki

    HI Brad - it seems that in person conferences are starting to return for many companies, but Microsoft is mostly virtual. Do you think they are being more effective with the recorded streaming or should they have in person conferences again?

  4. mrpki

    Curious to hear your thoughts on why Halo Infinite was not mentioned at all with the all the Xbox game road maps?

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