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  1. ngc224

    Any reason for consumers to watch Microsoft Inspire next week?

  2. Sampaiolipe

    Now that the backwards compatibility program is over, do you know what that team is up to? Something for the next box maybe?

  3. Migui

    Can you explain the partnership between Microsoft and Netflix? I didn't understand really well why Netflix selected Microsoft, I would say that google or other are better know for their add business...

  4. lenalfred

    What are your thoughts on Xbox possibly being part of a SmartTV bundle instead of an Xbox dongle? Let's face it MSFT will never catch up with Sony on selling game consoles. I like the idea of dongles and SmartTV integration, and I still love my other idea which is MSFT should let other hardware manufacturers make Xbox-ish consoles with different specs, sizes, and shapes while maintaining MSFT's build requirements. Let the manufacturers make versions of the consoles and MSFT just focus on their signature Xbox One X and the software. Imagine if Dell's Alienware made an Xbox... it would be SO..... COOL!

    • wright_is

      Do you mean Xbox streaming? The Xbox uses too much power for a good streaming device. A SmartTV device needs to have no fans, for a start...

    • wright_is

      To your second point, the whole point of a console is that it is a known quantity, there are no differences in hardware specs (S and X being the exception for FullHD and 4K gaming respectively). Because the hardware is always the same and won't change, you have a target.

      There is none of the PC world shenanigans of needing more memory or a faster video card. It is what it is, so you are guaranteed to always have the best experience possible with the game, because the developers are forced to get it working on the hardware available and can't tell the gamers to get a newer graphics card or processor in order to see it at its best.

  5. mrpki

    How about a tough ending question this week with no BS? :-)

    Microsoft has restructured and laid people off this week: What has been the largest impacted business?

    Has been there any major surprise departures?

  6. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    1) I'm curious what the change to the Windows development means for Windows users?

    Back in 2006 / 2009 3 years of development was kinda normal. But in today's age, where we get major new iOS, Android etc releases, taking 3 years feels really out of place.

    2) how high is the possibility, that they *officially* stick to one update per year and use the enabledment packages for it, like they did for Windows 10 20H2 / 21H1?

  7. lindhartsen

    With the possible shift in Windows development coming how do you think Windows Insider changes? Do the existing channels make sense if there could be quarter feature releases?

  8. Bart

    Would you mind discussing the pros and cons of the new Windows update cycle rumored to begin in 2024(?)?

  9. madthinus

    Lots of good questions already about the new update cycle for Windows. Honestly, has anything changed? To me it just feels like we will have marketing drives every three years. Windows kernel team is still on bi yearly cycle for Azure. So I assume that we will still see those advances and new platforms being supported as they are baked into those cycles and it will appear probably with a patch Tuesday. Most of the important bits are now decoupled. Edge, DirectX, .net, the store, the development API's.

    The only upside I can see to the three year cycle is that they have the engineering time to tackle bigger projects like all of the UI issues and maybe offer a refresh look every three years as opposed to the bits and pieces we have now. Or maybe it is just the simplicity of a simplified support cycle. All interesting, but also, I think we should also accept, Windows is a legacy product, does it need / justify all this work?

    Last bit, will these be again paid upgrades?

  10. GretchenAcosta

    I've heard Netflix will raise the subscription price, then would the partnership between Microsoft and Netflix remain the same.