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  1. brothernod

    Although Microsoft gave up fleshing it out, I really enjoyed how my Xbox one would visually sign in everyone sitting in front of it and give you their personalized user screen (I really wish this extended to automatic Netflix profiles)

    With Kinect most certainly not coming to nextBox, is there any hope of biometric magic for ease of use and user personalization/management? Even just being able to voice sign in would be nice, but I’m hoping it’s somehow better.

    Also I haven’t changed Input’s on my tv in years. My TiVo runs through my Xbox and it’s really convenient. Any rumors if we’ll have to go back to annoying input toggling? That would be quite annoying.

  2. lenalfred

    (Name is pronounced - Len Alfred)

    I heard a rumor that MSFT is getting back into mobile. Do you have any info on this rumor? We know they are not doing a phone, what kind of new category, disruptive mobile device could they introduce?

    Also, do you have any details about Surface Book 3 / Surface Book 2 refresh? Can we expect USB Type-C, Qualcomm chip, 5G compatibility, etc.?

  3. MrPKI

    When is the deal for upgrading XBox Live Gold to Ultimate Game Pass for only $1 going to end?

  4. bart

    Hi Brad,

    I think this question is a bit out of left field, but what is the status on Maps? Microsoft does not seem to push the service, but every now and then one can read about improvements. What do you think is Microsoft's end game with Maps?

  5. bart

    Q2: On Windows Weekly (another fine guest appearance?), you mentioned Skype might be replaced by Teams for Life?

    Do you expect Teams for Life to look like Skype or more like Microsoft Teams?

  6. lindhartsen

    You (or Paul) have rumored that new keyboard hardware might be coming. Any word if it'll be of the ergonomic variety to replace the existing Surface Ergonomic and Sculpt Ergonomic keyboards?

  7. ngc224

    If Microsoft fails to announce Andromeda this year, am I entitled to a refund on your Beneath A Surface book?

  8. Usman

    It seems that 'for life' is another way of saying consumer instead of business. I was a beta tester for Skype for life which eventually became what we use today as Skype v8 (electron desktop, web, react native for android ios and win 10 uwp app).

    The moniker 'for life' came out around 2016, when the Skype team were working on Skype Business and Skype Team. So I'm guessing they coined the term 'for life' to refer to the Skype product that was for consumers and not for work.

    Now the same team is using that terminology to refer to the consumer version of teams, would it just be called teams and what will happen to skype v8 after teams is released for consumers.

  9. Kudupa

    Hello Brad, this might be 3 part question?

    Do you know anything about the future 'Photos' app? Is it coming to other platforms besides Windows?

    Why cant Microsoft split Pictures/Camera roll from OneDrive & make it a standalone app like Google Photos and add it to Office 365 premium service ???

  10. furdturgeson

    Paul gives me the impression that the Huawei issues are all politics. I was reading about potential back doors, is this all just political theater and "nothing to see" when it comes to security concerns about Huawei?