Questions for 7 2?


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  1. alishah

    What headset would you recommend for the Xbox Series X for the average consumer?

    Considering the new Xbox wireless headset

  2. will

    Do you know if there will be another Windows 11 event in the coming months but be geared toward business users? Right now as far as I know Microsoft has not said much about what the business reasons would be to move to Windows 11 vs Windows 10. There are a lot of questions in this area and I really hope they talk about the business side soon.

  3. wbaggerly

    (Call me Wes)

    Hi Brad,

    I hope you are having a fantastic Friday. I'm curious to know what Android Apps you are most excited about testing once the option/store becomes available for Windows 11.

    Have a wonderful Independence Day Holiday.



  4. shark47

    I'm curious if you're seeing any performance improvements with Windows 11. There was a discussion on Twitter about how it is much faster on ARM devices especially.

  5. rocksolid505

    Hi brad sams i hope you are doing well this is my first time posting a question to question is in recent report analysit says mobile games make more money than pc and console can you give a idea how much they make in terms of net profit and if its more profitable then do you think every big and small studio will start to make mobile games or games that are scaled across mobile and pc.

  6. jficara

    Hi Brad,

    Thank you and Paul for all the great coverage of Windows 11!

    What do you think Microsoft has to do to get the Windows 11 narrative back to a more positive vibe. Seems like the fumble here on hardware requirements and compatibility is dominating the press and Windows 11 mindshare. Do you think this was as damaging as the XBox One fumble when it launched?


    Joe Ficara

  7. martinusv2

    Hello Brad, I was on Game Pass PC and I bought Fallout 4 with all the DLCs. When I heard that I could play from the cloud, I switched to Game Pass Ultimate, I thought I could play my PC Fallout 4 from the cloud. But from what I can see, the xBox cloud Fallout 4 is not the same as the PC one. Do you know why? Should I go back to Game Pass PC if I don't have an xBox?

  8. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, is win11 dev channel stable enough to run games? Or should I wait for a beta release to install on my main machine?

    • jnbck

      I've been running Win 11 Dev most of this week and have had no issues playing XBOX games or Fortnite. Also I use it to VPN into work, but then all work is done via RDP on a remote machine. So far it has been very stable.

  9. lenalfred

    pronounced (Len-Al-fred) You are putting the em-PHAS-is on the wrong Syl-LAB-Le. You are still the man, even after you butchered my name last week ?

    Anyway, any word on the Surface Book 4 yet?

    • will

      I think Brad mentioned there will be something new in the fall, think Surface Laptop Pro as a possible new replacement for the book.

  10. anoldamigauser

    Considering that the Surface Duo is not a phone, as per Microsoft, what do you think the chance is that there will be a version of the Duo released with Windows 11 for ARM? Personally, I would be intrigued by such a device as an ultra portable computer, and I have no particular desire to feed the Google.

    Considering that the engineering for the Surface Neo was pretty much done more than a year ago, will the processor meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11? What chance do you give that device of ever seeing the light of day, based on aging specs and the dubious success of the Duo?

  11. ngc224

    Because Panos failed to meet yet another deadline on June 24th, any chance we’ll see new hardware before October?

  12. mrpki

    It is almost impossible to be the last question any more, but I will still throw out a hard question: If there is very low chance that we will have access to new XBox Series X consoles, will we potentially see games not launched or held because they are not enough consoles to even play these new high end games?

  13. dremy1011

    Hi Brad,

    Paul provides a steady update of what he uses, but as an iPhone and Windows user, I'm curious how you have everything setup. How do you store your photos (iCloud vs OneDrive), store files and do you synchronize any data between your phone and desktop with iTunes? Any apps that you use? Just a couple of items I thought of to kick off things off.

  14. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    I know the Amazon Android App Store is going to be integrated into the Microsoft Store, but will developers also have the ability to upload their own APK directly to the Microsoft Store similarly as it was planned with Astoria way back in the day?

  15. marshalltm

    Google announced they were moving away from the APK format this week. This further separates Google Android apps from AOSP Android apps? Do you think Microsoft and Amazon combined will be able to produce a large enough market for AOSP apps as a separate app ecosystem, or is Microsoft arriving just as the party is ending?