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  1. mrpki

    Ending the questions this week with an Infinite bomb! Did anyone even like the Halo Infinite game-play demo? What was actually worth looking forward to seeing in a few months? Didn't the graphics really seem low res and not groundbreaking?

  2. goodbar

    Best guess at a Pixel 4a release date?

  3. Usman

    My thoughts on the Xbox show but also interested to see your take.

    From the twitter-sphere, looks like nothing really stood out from the Xbox side of things that would convince someone to go for Series X over PS5, I mean PS5 has Spiderman which was an amazing game for the PS4 and likely to be an amazing continuation of that game and that seems to be the key system seller.

    It's going to be an interesting generation, where likely the Playstation 5 will outsell the Series X console similar to the PS4 vs Xbox One, but the Xbox service offers the flexibility to play anywhere.

    People are going to continue to compare the sales of consoles, I mentioned before I would rather play on PC than on a console and there's many PC players who would just buy the game or get gamepass instead and that PR optics wise seems like a disaster

  4. jvnyc

    Does the end of Xbox One X production effectively confirm the release of Lockhart as the next-gen entry level sku?

  5. will

    Any thoughts on Xbox Series X pricing? While Microsoft and Sony might be waiting to see what the other one does, it might be good for Microsoft to get out in front and force Sony to compete vs waiting for Sony to talk first.

  6. Kudupa


    1) Why doesn't Microsoft release a Dev kit/device for Windows 10X to for developers to work on Windows 10X as, No one will spend $1000+ for developmental device.?

    2) I feel like 10X is DOA as I don't see the urgency in developing it a clear plan in what Microsoft is doing,do you see any path ?

  7. brisonharvey

    Hey Brad,

    I hope you were able to get away. Gotta break the monotony sometime.

    Anyway, based on the news this week around Cloud PC/Windows 10X and the previous news from Apple about their shift to ARM, which path forward do you think appears to be the best for consumers?

  8. jtdwab


    First, what game from the Xbox showcase provided unexpected interest for you?

    Second, what type of machine are you playing Flight Sim on? What kind of graphics card and processor do you have under the hood?

  9. ngc224

    If Surface “Duo” is done, why doesn’t Microsoft just announce it and say it will ship in a couple of weeks?

  10. Elindalyne

    The Halo gameplay demo seemed super unpolished... We all had laughs at the Halo 2/3 era brute face, but there were numerous elements where lightning wasn't baked in yet and textures were very noticeably popping in.

    Why did that get the greenlight as it seems such a step down from everything else we've seen so far?

    Also I heard some rumors the series S may get a spec bump over initial reports, any truth to that?

  11. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    Didn't expect to see a Questions thread this weekend (aren't you supposed to be taking a weekend break?)

    In the game of chicken between Playstation and Xbox, one or the other has to take the first step. In your opinion, which do you think stands to lose less if they announce their console's pricing and launch date first? Sony or Microsoft?

  12. madthinus

    Did any of the games blew you away that screamed "Next gen" yesterday? Are we that jaded?