Questions for 7/27


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  1. MrPKI

    What changes can we expect to see in Redstone 5 of Windows 10 since the focus is now all about the Azure Cloud?

  2. adamcorbally

    Facebook is often spoken about as being on a par/ just beneath MS, apple, google and amazon. I just don’t buy that despite the stock price and market cap. Many of my friends have started to move away from the service and I can’t see younger people jumping on it in the same way. Could Facebook be the first major tech company to burst in a dramatic way?

  3. Maktaba

    Pronounced “muck-tub-a”

    Is it true laptops with touchscreen use more battery power than non-touchscreen ones?

    • wright_is

      In reply to Maktaba:

      Yes, which is why you shouldn't use a smartphone with a touchscreen! :-D

      The touch does need some power, but compared to the rest of the components, including the display itself, it is fairly negligable.

      It is the same with RAM, the more you have, the more power it needs, or processor speed, which is heavily throttled when on battery etc.