Questions for 8 27?


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  1. ngc224

    Anything you can say about the forthcoming “Surface Duo 2” announcement?

  2. matobehr

    Do you think it is financially healthy to take out a loan to so I can buy all the Halo related stuff this holiday?

    Ok serious question. With the announcement of xCloud coming to consoles will it be possible to play all out digitally owned games or just the games avaliable on Game Pass?

  3. mrpki

    Halo Infinite is everyone's favorite gaming topic this week. Do you Halo Infinite will only be playable on the XBox One via streaming or will they actually make the game playable natively on the legacy console? Why did they not show anything at the conference this week?

  4. willr

    Hey Brad when do you think Microsoft will let us know about their decision on Intel 7th gen for Windows 11. They said they were testing and evaluating if they'll allow Intel 7th gen on Windows 11, still no news though

  5. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    so I watched your video this week about how cloud gaming is coming to consoles, and it had me thinking. All the pieces are finally coming together to realise the complete Microsoft's gaming strategy. Is it complete yet? If not, what else needs to come into play? What needs to be done to push Game Pass further into the public consciousness (if it needs it?)

  6. eternal shaddai

    Hello Brad. My question to you is this. Knowing that games like Halo, Forza, Gears, State of Decay & Hellblade 2 will release on Xbox Game Pass day 1. Are those still considered exclusives or multiplatform games? Will we ever see the Hololens being part of the Xbox console as an accessory? Thank You.

  7. bart

    Hello Brad. I have two questions;

    1) This week Microsoft announced that from September 18th Office Android apps will no longer work on Chromebooks. Instead, users will be re-directed to the Office web apps. Do you think this will have implications for Office Android apps on Windows 11?

    2) If Office Android apps will no longer be available on Chromebooks (and possibly Windows 11), do you expect Microsoft to make an announcement soon about Office PWA's as a replacement option?

  8. vladimir

    Hi Brad,

    how long do you think it will take for Microsoft to improve Cloud gaming to acceptable levels? Right now only stadia is a decent service but their catalog is awful. Microsoft has an amazing catalog but the service is so poor from the technical perspective. It's slow to load, laggy, natively available only on android phones, not even on google tv. The experience in the web browser is terrible. It's really not a good showcase for Microsoft cloud technology. I use Stadia on the same Internet connection and the quality difference is embarassing for Microsoft. I wonder when we will be able to appreciate in the cloud the amazing games that Gamepass has.