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  1. adamcorbally

    ‪Do you or Paul believe in aliens? Do you think they could be here? Interested in hearing a good honest five minute on this from you two‬.

  2. krisarthur

    What is the best way for a father and son to play games such as the upcoming WWII COD together in the same house, on the same Internet connection, and on the same team online against other players? Do we need two xBox gold accounts? Should we buy the game "digitally" so we can buy it once and share it? Does that work with two primary xBox gold accounts? It seemed we ran into issues when we would buy DLC when I (the dad) had the main Gold Live account with the boxed version of the game and the sub accounts couldn't always access the DLC easily. With the high cost of digital downloads for new games where you can get 20% with Amazon Prime or Best Buy clubs... what are people doing? It still might be less expensive on-sale to buy 2 boxed versions than 1 full price digital version that you can share. Thanks!

  3. Sprtfan

    What would Microsofts percent market share be in tablet/laptop category?

  4. kj_pda

    Has Microsoft mentioned adding  the Xbox controller dongle to any Surface device?

    Did You post a picture of Microsoft Band 2 recently on twitter. where can someone pickup a new MS Band 2? 

  5. Peter klobčič

    Any news regarding the windows Andromeda project? Paul mentioned that it has been moved to 2019 or did i get it wrong?

  6. adamjarvis

    This is more a question but with an answer! (novel, I know).

    (Well, after Rafaels attempt last week.... In fairness, it's very difficult off the cuff like that)

    In Windows 10, we noticed videos started showing a green horizontal/vertical bar (or bars) in youtube or when playing MP4 files via Firefox 54 / 55. Pretty irritating.

    It stems from certain Nvidia video cards not having compatible DX11 support. (Make sure you have the latest Win10 Graphics Driver, but that doesn't help here).

    An example video (rated U, its a cartoon rabbit - site hosts browser compatibility info)

    (If you have a green bar at the bottom you have this problem)

    The way to solve it, is type "about:config" into Firefox Search bar.

    Search for

    and disable this option, then it will not longer have any green bars.

    Hope that helps someone, as it's not that easy to solve.

    (Some may think it's their graphics card failing when it isn't).

  7. Clarkb

    Given past malware issues like the Lenovo Superfish issue, and spyware like the Vizio viewing tracking and selling of consumer data, what's your view of the relative safety between using a Smart TVs built in OS, like modified Tizen, vs a Smart TV appliance like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV?

  8. Jules Wombat

    Why is Paul so mean to you ?

  9. TheJoeFin

    Do you think Microsoft will update the Surface ergonomic keyboard to include a fingerprint reader? Also have either of you used that keyboard long term?

  10. ilovemissy85

    What do you two feel the best gaming laptop out there is?

  11. kappala vinodkumar

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