Questions for 8/4 Podcast


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  1. GameOn

    What's next for Microsoft hardware?

  2. inlocoabsentia

    Say "ila"

    Intel killed Atom chips designed for tablets and phones last year. This basically killed the <12 inch tablet Windows tablet market. I keep hearing about Windows 10 S and about the new x86 emulation in the Snapdragon 835. Will this renew a market for small tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro or the Surface 3?

    By the way, Newegg thinks the HP Elite x3 is a tablet, which is tremendously funny. 600641752 600372015 600372017 600457674 50001146 50001149 50001186 50010418 50010772 4814

  3. Peter klobčič

    if i sideload windows 10s on my laptop, can i then use office 365 centennial apps on my laptop (do you have any update when those apps will be available to win10pro users)? have you try to sideload the windows 10s?

  4. Kudupa

    Hello Brad, got few questions for you,

    1) what's the point of 'Skype lite'? It's supposed to be messaging/dialer replacement for Android but it's just bad & hopeless. So, when will Skype team take their head out of their behind?

    2) why is Microsoft Edge still bad? Firefox/Chrome keep improving but edge can't even catch up or do basic things right.

    3) When will Microsoft replace random numerical error codes (00x00588952) with proper messages?