Questions for 9/28


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  1. NT6.1

    When the next Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is actually coming?

  2. Kevin Costa

    Sorry for not knowing before, but where do you live in USA?

  3. jlmerrill

    Do you think Microsoft will ever dump Windows for Linux?

  4. dtcpss

    Any news about the development progress of WCOS for HoloLens 2? Is it possible for Microsoft to ship it before Surface Hub 2X ?

  5. Tourniquet

    What does the death of the UWP Office apps mean for the UWP platform and for WCOS?

    For me it's definitely a sign that Microsoft lost confidence in its own platform. With the OneNote UWP app Microsoft showed what is possible (and it's quite a lot).

    Of course rebuilding an App like Word or Excel can't be done overnight, but slowing building an App compared to killing it in favour of the old Win32 App just says to the world Win32 is the path forward. So is it?

    Does Microsoft want developers to target Win32 again instead of UWP?

    Does WCOS support Win32 Apps?

    Did you hear anything about the Andromeda project at Ignite?

  6. locust infested orchard inc

    Brad, I hope you have your crystal ball at the ready for this one !

    With the announcement earlier in the week of the Surface Hub 2X, which demoed for the very first time Windows Core OS and CShell, revealing a 2020 release rather than next year, can one assume with Windows Core OS delayed till possibility late 2019/some time in 2020, this will further impact the already beset Surface Foldable™/Surface Go Pro/Andromeda till after Q4 2019 ?

    If so, it will be a two-way horserace between Samsung and Huawei to release the first modern foldable smartphone.

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