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  1. Sprtfan

    My kids love Minecraft and need to request money from me to purchase coins to by additional maps. When I receive the request, it takes me to my Microsoft account to transfer money to them to make a purchase. I have money in my Microsoft account already but the option is grayed out and can't be selected. I'm forced to use a credit card instead. Seems like there should be a way to use money that I already have in the account but I can't figure out how to. Can this be done?

    Also, I was really impressed by the Chemistry Update for Minecraft: Education Edition. I was really surprised how well it was implemented.

  2. Usman

    What's the story with the elite v2 controller, it was pushed back from last year and doesn't look like it will be released this year. What caused them to push back this controller 2 years and still not refresh it with the new S series controller design (bluetooth etc)

  3. simont

    With the Surface Pro/Book only expected to have a major re-design in 2019. What would you like to see in a newly re-designed Surface Pro or Surface Book?

  4. Elindalyne

    Will there be any more live shows? I guess I can just harass you on twitter otherwise...

    Also have you noticed any grey discoloration on the alcantara covers? It wipes off but if makes the cover seem grimy and gross.

    This appeared within a week of purchase. Am I doing something wrong?

    This is more or less what the entire keyboard side of the cover looks if i don't use it for a few days. I don't even touch the places where this occurs.

  5. Jeffery Commaroto

    Microsoft has being showing love for Linux as of late. Do you think there will ever be a time when that love will extend to native Office apps on Linux or is that a step too far and a market too small for them?

  6. TheJoeFin

    Build 2018 had lots of announcements surrounding app development on Windows 10 to make UX easier and better like WinUI, Fluent, and a bunch of new controls.

    Is there a refresh coming to the first party Windows 10 apps using these new tools or is Microsoft happy with their current state?

  7. jimchamplin

    Now that Explorer is dark... any word on when the full light theme with white Taskbar is coming? Or at least when they’re going to let us turn off that awful bright white Cortana box... that would be a good development.

  8. helix2301

    Brad just wondering about your health after FRD. You had that reaction to the one vaccine year or 2 ago and kidney stones is Paul in better health then you?

  9. adamcorbally

    If you could bring back any extinct animal which would you choose?

  10. Martin Pelletier

    About some features of Windows Defender.

    Inside the Device security inside Security Center, there is an feature called Core Isolation. Inside it, I can see something called Memory Integrity that I can activate. Do you know how this can protect the system and is it a good thing to activate? Heard of any incompatibilities.

    And why Microsoft make it so much a pain to whitelist a program when you activate Controlled folder access? It is necessary if I use Onedrive to protect the Documents and Pictures folders?

    Do you use any ad-block plug-in? If yes, what is the one you like the most?

  11. Peter klobčič

    You said that surface laptop and pro are getting a refresh in October what about surface book 2?

  12. Tourniquet

    How are the chances Microsoft will start talking about Windows Core / WCOS at Ignite? When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 they also talked a bench about "OneCore", so at one point they should start talking about it right?