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  1. johnl

    With the massive Google product leaks this week that have basically made their upcoming event in October pointless, as well as the Apple product leaks prior to their most recent iPhone event, could you and Paul discuss if you've ever been on the receiving end of that type of leak, and more importantly what happened to the person who leaked the information to you? Were they fired? Shunned by their fellow employees? "Disappeared"? Would love to know the consequences of something like that.

  2. Usman

    Microsoft seems to be losing mindshare among consumers and workers. Google offers a comprehensive office suite online as does Microsoft but no one knows about it. At university people didn't use office online (even though it was included for free part of our university 365) and instantly went to Google docs, same thing I'm seeing amongst friends, who primarily use MS accounts.

    I was in an Apple store the other day and overheard a conversation, the genius asked if they had an office subscription, the person replied with yes he does from work but uses his personal Google suite instead.

    There's also majority of gamers leaving Skype for Discord.

    Does Microsoft not see that consumers are not using their services and potentially the next generation of consumers and smb owners will pick other solutions instead of Office 365?

    Microsoft has a diverse business portfolio compared to Google and Apple, but, doesn't that put them in a bad position where they are now beholden to sales of those products, where as Google and Apple can do what ever they want provided they're not destroying advertising revenues and iPhone sales respectively?

    • Patrick3D

      In reply to Usman:

      I work as a System Administrator and have never seen a corporation use Google Docs, the company I am at and all of the others I am still in contact with have moved from on-premises Exchange and individually licensed Microsoft Office installations to Office 365. I don't know how a university can expect someone to be prepared for the real world with a Google Docs subscription. According to this article from Recode, Google's G-Suite only has 3% of the enterprise market.

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to Patrick3D:

        Most white collar workers need WordPad with better spelling and grammar checking than Word provides. Most don't need anything close to Excel, and the large Excel models used by many people should have become true development projects a decade ago. Finally, the world would be a much better, saner, more peaceful place if 95% of the people who use PowerPoint (and use it badly) stopped using it. Rough rule-of-thump: as many people are good at creating presentations as are good at public speaking.

        Google's products really are good enough for most Office workers for most of what they do. Office is gross overkill which has become as huge as it is and still growing because MSFT needs to give customers some reason to spend US$100 annually on it.

        • Sprtfan

          In reply to hrlngrv:

          Not saying I don't agree with you, only that we are talking about what is currently happening not what should be happening. Maybe Google Docs would be enough for all or most companies but currently they are not using it so tend to agree with Patrick. As I said before too, I have not ran into anyone using Google Docs at the University I work at either. Everyone is using Office 365.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to Usman:

      To be honest, I work at a university and have never seen anyone use google docs here. Faculty, staff, and students are all using Office 365 when I interact with them.

  3. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    where is Minecraft for hololens? Microsoft showcased some great Minecraft things for Hololens, but all there is right now is the 'normal' Minecraft version in a window for hololens.

  4. redstar92

    Hey Brad, keep up the good work. So couple of questions:

    1. Did you ever hear anything again on those xbox streamers MSFT was supposed to launch last year
    2. Did you hear anything about podcasts coming to "Microsoft"/Windows Store? Maybe they could just buy pocketcasts or acast for this functionality :)
    3. Would love for Microsoft to buy Atlassian (Confluence, JIRA, etc...) See any chance of that happening?

    Cheers and have fun at ignite!

  5. TheJoeFin

    Do you think Microsoft might use the new as a PWA to replace the Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10?

  6. ponsaelius

    Will the process of trawling the web for PWA apps and putting them in the store finally provide mobile apps for Windowsphone users?

  7. neptune.rising

    Is there any hope for a future MS wearable? Perhaps once they can fit Win10 on it? The Band's health features were ahead of everything else I used at the time (hardware malfunctions aside).

    Do you think they saw promise in their health efforts but decided to re-enter when they could fix those issues? Or do you think they closed the book on it once and for all?

  8. Detective Polarphant

    When do you think Microsoft will announce the upcoming features and name for Redstone 4 ? Last year the event was in October, but this year none of the already announced events make sense for a Redstone 4 event.

  9. rob_segal

    Do you think Microsoft will change how they announce future Windows 10 update features after missing the release date of many features they have revealed (Timeline, My People, etc)?

  10. hrlngrv

    Is there any way to disassociate Windows Store apps with a MSFT account? There are a few free apps I tried and immediately uninstalled. They still show up in the Store app under Your Apps. It'd be nice if they didn't.

    BTW, if you need a quick way to say my user ID, just use huv, that is, treat all the latters in the middle as effectively silent.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Not sure if this is what you were wanting, but if you go to the store app, My Library, on the left side there is an option to hide the app

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to Sprtfan:

        I've tried hiding in the Store. It doesn't prevent reinstalling.

        About the only thing which would is using a local account rather than a MSFT account. That's how I have my main PC running 1703 set up, but I use a MSFT account with my Insider VM.

        FWIW, I got advice on Reddit: take ownership of C:\Program Files\Windows Apps, give your own account full access to it, then delete the subdirectories for the problem apps. I did that earlier today, but I just installed the latest Insider build, so everything is back where I don't want it. Ah, well, I knew I needed to write a batch file for this.

        Candy Crush et al are going to give new meaning the MSFT Signature PCs. In my case, Windows 8.1 is looking better and better all the time.

  11. Rycott

    Is Microsoft getting out of hand with installing UWP 'games' automatically?

    We sell the Lenovo Think Range PC/Laptops at work which come with a clean Windows Signature PC image. As of the machine I setup today there were six different UWP games that needed to be uninstalled.

    They didn't come pre-installed because if you open the store after the initial login you can see them downloading.

    This doesn't count the non game UWP apps as some of those possibly could be useful.

  12. NickDog

    Any upcoming Groove news? Family plan? Etc?

  13. NickDog

    With the Fitbit Ionic coming soon with a new fitbit appstore, do you think Microsoft will support it? Groove integration? Others?

  14. gjsmyth

    it has been a year since Gurdeep Pall stepped out of his role as lead of the Skype team. What has he been doing?

  15. room39

    I ask for feedback on this.