Microsoft Releases Smaller Xbox Adapter for Windows 10, 3 New Controllers

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox One with 9 Comments

One of the advantages of new Surface devices like the Studio is that you can use a wireless Xbox controller without the need for an adapter. While Microsoft has offered a wireless adapter for PCs, it has been quite large but that is changing today.

Starting in August, you can order a smaller Xbox controller PC wireless adapter (66% smaller) for $24.99; the adapter allows you to connect up to 8 controllers to one PC. There is also a new bundle with the smaller adapter that will set you back $79.99 that includes a controller.

In addition to the new adapter, there are three new Xbox One controllers available as well. All three models are the standard controller and come in blue (Patrol Tech), red/black (Volcano Shadow) and grey. The two colored controllers will run $69.99 and the grey will cost $64.99.

The new controllers are great but what I am still hoping for is that one day Microsoft will offer the Elite controller in the company’s design lab. While I do like the standard controller, once you play with the Elite, you will never go back.

You can get custom-colored Elite controllers from third-party vendors but they are not cheap and can add up to $100 to the MSRP.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Releases Smaller Xbox Adapter for Windows 10, 3 New Controllers”

  1. CaedenV

    Why are these adapters such a joke? Even at 66% smaller it is still HUGE!

    I picked up a $7 Bluetooth adapter that barely pokes out of the USB slot enough to remove it and it connects to 4 Xbox One S controllers with no issue (the kiddos LOVE playing emulators on the PC together!). I am not understanding why MS's solution is 10 larger and $25 when this is a problem that has been solved far better by others.

  2. bsd107

    Wait - what happened to the ability to connect to a PC via Bluetooth?!?!?! The XBox One S controllers had this feature.

    • wunderbar

      In reply to bsd107:

      they do, but if you have an older controller without bluetooth, or an elite controller, you need this dongle.

      In theory, the proprietary connection will be a better/less latent connection as well, so an argument can be made to have it even if you have bluetooth if you want to do "serious" gaming on a PC.

      Personally, on a laptop I'd probably just use bluetooth for the occasional gaming I'd do on it, but on a desktop computer I'd probably get one of these adapters regardless.

  3. Bart

    US only I presume?

  4. Rug

    I tried the Elite for two weeks and returned it. I didn't make any use of the advanced features or the paddles. When I had the paddles in, I'd often hit a bunch of buttons while picking it up. I had so much muscle memory for existing games that I had a hard time making use of the paddles. When I played without the paddles, the nubs for where they connect were annoying on my finger tips.

    I did like how it otherwise felt (balance, weight and material), but the normal controller just felt better in my hands.

    Then again, I still think the 360 controller is the better of the two. Not only do they feel better, they never lose connection and the buttons on the sides of the Guide button make more sense being arrows as opposed to overlapping squares and lines.

  5. Kritza

    Why can't I buy a NIC for my desktop that also has Xbox Wireless functionality? Not crazy about dongles :/

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